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    I use the theme almost since its inception, I check from time to time on SEO analysis sites, everything is good for the Hn, and there I see that I have more H1 for the title of the site.
    Having a large banner, I use the Header Image option

    Thank you

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  • Hi Iron Dove.

    I see that I have more H1 for the title of the site.

    Are you saying you have more than one H1 tag for the site title? The theme default is, if you’re using a header image, the site title and description are not generated.

    A site needs a H1 tag, I’ve always used a header image, I didn’t have this problem before.
    I know that the site title and description are not generated if I have a header image.
    Header Logo is 255 x 100 pixels, it’s too small.

    I didn’t have this problem before.

    Before when? Upgrading to the current version? The current version uses the same code as the previous version.

    Before all these updates, at the time where the theme was managed by AlxMedia.
    I sometimes analyze min site here
    and I didn’t error indication in the part of the hierarchy of the Hn.

    If you’re not using a header image then the site title is displayed in the header using an <h1> tag. If you’re using an image, and you’ve enabled the Blog Heading option, the site title would be displayed using an <h2> tag in the Page Title (which you have hidden). That could be changed to an <h1> by modifying the /parts/page-title.php template in a child theme. Or you could copy header.php to a child theme, add a call for the hu_site_title() function in the image section, then hide the title using this CSS:

    I’ve always had a Header image, before I had the H1 with nothing changed in the child theme, why now I have to do.
    That’s especially my question, the solution if I know how to change my child theme have H1 but this will solve the problem for other users of the Hueman theme, also with a header image.
    thank you

    with le theme Colormag, header image and h1
    thank you

    Hi @noaneo,

    In the provided example, the H1 tag is hidden. In terms of SEO ,it’s similar as if it was not rendered on the page. (search engines are aware of what html elements are displayed)

    The H1 tag is often discussed from a SEO perspective. To me the right question to address is : What does the H1 tag stand for ?
    For the answer, I always refer to what Matt Cuts (head of Google SEO) says about it, and the official W3C specification.

    Matt Cuts :

    W3C specification :

    h1 is the HTML element for the first-level heading of a document:

    – If the document is basically stand-alone, for example Things to See and Do in Geneva, the top-level heading is probably the same as the title.
    – If it is part of a collection, for example a section on Dogs in a collection of pages about pets, then the top level heading should assume a certain amount of context; just write <h1>Dogs<h1/> while the title should work in any context: Dogs – Your Guide to Pets.

    Hope this helps 🙂


    Thanks for the video but fortunately there are subtitles in french, I don’t ask to have multiple H1, but on the homepage have an H1, to respect the hierarchy, cannot be directly be H2,
    the example site cache h1 but it is taken into account

    Sorry, I don’t want to be unpleasant, but I tested the theme when Alx Media managed, I already had a Header Image, and I didn’t have at the time of errors for H1.

    Otherwise everything is good, I well H1 for the title of posts, as needed, it is just the homepage.

    The question is not whether it is good or not to have H1 in homepage, but if I put just a logo, I have H1
    Why if I put Header image, I do not have it?

    Thank You


    If not is it possible to enlarge the size for the logo?
    Like this I will have my large image and the tag H1
    Thank you

    Yes, you can use a logo image and set the max-height to at least the height of your image using custom CSS, like so:

    .site-title a img {
       max-height: 400px;

    It will then display at the full image height & width.

    @noaneo ah yes this video from Matt Cuts is more about the multiple H1 tag question, but I think it can help understanding the general philosophy behind the use of this tag and how Google sees it.

    Heading tags (h1, h2,…) are meant for text. The <h1> is mainly used to help search engines understand how your text is structured. Having several h1 tags is therefore totally allowed and not a bad SEO practice.

    The <title> tag should be the one indicating what your page is about, and should be specific for each pages.
    Having the same H1 tag wrapping an image for all your website pages can not be a interesting signal for search engines. Moreover, search engines can’t “see” images, they only see text associated with the image (the “alt” tag). So putting a h1 tag on an image (the logo or the header image) is not all that powerful.

    The current h1 tag wrapping the logo (or the site title if not logo uploaded) is something inherited from the previous version but I might probably change it in a future release.

    Sites like are good tools but can’t be relevant for everything. They have their own parsing algorithm (which is not the Google one 🙂 ). They give results based on their own metrics but can’t replace some good sense and “human” analysis to me.


    I repeat to you, I don’t want multiple H1, I want only one H1 per page, the homepage if I use Header image, it has no H1, thats all.
    I agree with Matt Cutts video, have multiple H1 is not good at all for SEO.

    I tested several sites, SEO analysis, and all indicate the lack of H1 for the homepage.
    I tested several sites, SEO analysis, and all indicate the lack of H1 for the home page.
    I have read several articles on SEO, all say that one must respect the hierarchy, H1, H2, H3, we return to H2, H3, etc..
    With Header Image, I start with H2 homepage

    SEO and Multiple H1 Tags

    -An H1 should always be in the first document section (usually the logo or header area)

    I asked the question, if not for me, I just think that all the Hueman theme users, who have a Header Image, have is missing.

    I have a site to make test,
    I have my image through logo, I would just remove the margins at the top, bottom, left and right, I know that it is through CSS, is not encoder, I do not make any mistakes, so if you could just give me the codes to make my image to the header, I thank you in advance

    Thanks, I closed the discussion, I’ll pick another theme

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