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    Hello all,

    I just activated WordPress via my cPanel and it has 1.5.2 installed. It appears to be working well, however, no matter how many themes I download, install and select, none of the included graphics seem to work. I’ve googled and searched the forums and haven’t found my solution yet.

    The URL of the blog is:

    That is exactly what I have entered in the “WordPress address (URI):” and “Blog address (URI):” sections of the General Options tab of the admin section.

    Currently I’m attempting to use the Rubric theme. It appears to be calling the appropriate css file from the source as I see the following in the <head> section:

    ‘<style type=”text/css” media=”screen”> @import url( );

    I’m at a loss as to what the problem is. Hopefully someone will be able to help!


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  • After posting the note above I changed the theme to “WordPress Default 1.5” at my father’s request. I’m building the blog for him to be able to chronicle his journey through Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. While I really liked the Rubric theme with the pen, he didn’t want to wait so we chose the “working” theme that came with the default installation. But if anyone has any clues as to why the other themes didn’t work, I’d love to hear them.


    I’m not familiar with that theme, but it’s *possible* that it’s meant for 2.x and up installations.

    You really should contact your host about offering a current version of WP, or look at the docs and upgrade yourself. If you run into any issues, start a new thread if you don’t find the answer in the docs or via a search of the forums.

    The original Rubric theme was for 1.2, though I used it successfully in 1.5+ without any tweaks at all. Then a friend and I “adjusted” it for 2.0+.

    But really, there’s no reason at all it shouldn’t work just fine OOB with 1.5 (though an upgrade is DEFINITELY important….) – it’s hard to say without the Rubric theme being selected however.

    I saw it while rubric active. The images simply were not where the stylesheet was looking for.
    In the stylesheet (link above) you can see the path to the images: images/rubric/gradient.gif
    which means the theme was looking in the
    wp-content/themes/rubric/images/rubric/gradient.gif for the image.

    Maybe the folder structure of the theme has been changed but not the path in the stylesheet? Or…

    Hmmm. Yeah, that’s a convoluted whinked path then. Normal would be /wp-content/themes/rubric/images/gradient.gif etc. Wonder what happened? An ftp client flake in the upload?

    It can’t really be a ftp thing since ALL the images in the stylesheet (link in the first post) are supposed to be at that path… I am confused.

    Yeah, moi aussi…. but look:

    background-image: url(“images/rubric/gradient.gif”);

    There shouldn’t be a “rubric” folder in the “images” folder…. I can’t remember now if the distro from Tom unzipped funny….

    Nathan, I’ll be more than happy to give a look at your setup – if you want to email me direct, we can discuss ways and means: vkaryl_at_bytehaven_dot_com (replace the obvious obfuscations there….)

    [Oh, should note…. it’s not “no matter which theme” – because the default, that is kubrick, is ALL graphics, and they’re showing up fine. It’s something wonky with Rubric – and since I’m one of the only couple of folks around who messes with it much any more, I’d be happy to help you fix it.]

    I sent the following post to vkaryl via email. I’m posting a copy here to publicly thank everyone for your assistance and to thank vkaryl for his offer. I will post any resolution once we discover it. Thanks again!

    Hello vkaryl,

    Thank you so much for your offer of help on the wordpress issue. I haven’t had time to work on it since I posted my initial response, and my dad liked the default blue theme (probably because it just looked better than a theme without images! <G>).

    I did not notice the odd path (addition of “rubric” in
    “images/rubric/gradient.gif”) but I’ll look into that. I could probably correct the path issues in the css file. However, it was odd that the same problem occured when I selected two other themes I had downloaded (Pool and Connections). That why I assumed it was happening on ALL themes … but obviously the default theme is working fine. So perhaps I’m not uploading the themes correctly, although I thought I simply was to create the folder in themes and upload the contents of the zip file.

    Having written that, the one thing I did was upload the contents directly from WinZip, without unzipping it to my drive to see if there was any sort of directory structure. Perhaps I screwed it up that way. I’ll check it out after church this morning.

    Again, thanks for your offer of help!


    Thank you all for your help. After seeing the odd directory reference I went back and double checked the zip file. I caused the error by uploading ALL the files into the rubric directory. I recreated the directory structure as it was in the zipped file, put the graphics in their proper directory and all is well. I’ve also corrected the “connections” theme … I had done the same thing to that one. Ugh! I feel like an idiot, but I really do thank all of you for your help.


    Hiya Nathan – glad to see you got it sorted out. We’ve all been there and done that one….

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