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    I have followed the instruction
    *entered your Google API key
    *Make sure that you have enabled “PageSpeed Insights API” from the Services page of the Google Console.

    But the report list is empty.

    Is there any way to test or verify if the Google API key that I add is correct and the Pagespeed Insights can access my google account ?
    Nest regards

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  • I’ve got the same problem : API key is ok (I see the request on the google api console)
    But no reports are generated
    Also tested with 0 other plugins

    WP version 4.6.1

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    if you see activity in the console, but reports are not being saved, most likely there is a problem with the Google Pagespeed DB tables (namely that they are missing).

    I’ve seen this problem in particular when people install the plugin using a ‘bulk’ WP plugin manager. deactivating/reactivating the plugin should resolve this.

    Working on 2.0 of the plugin as I write this, going to try to resolve that problem in 2.0 as this comes up pretty often.

    Thanks for your rapid answer mattkeys,

    I have disabled all my plug-in, reactivate gpi, launch ‘Save Option & force recheck’…

    But I still don’t have any report (I still see the request on google API console)

    Best Regard’s

    Hey mattkeys I’ve got an idea : the prefix of my wordpress base isn’t wp_
    Could it be the reason ?

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    No that wouldn’t be the reason, this plugin works with any prefix. If you search for forms here you will see some other possible solutions. It could be that you do not have the pagespeed insights api enabled. It could be that you are filtering which IPs or domains are allowed to use your API key, and that filter isn’t entered properly and is blocking access for your site.

    If you enable logs in the advanced section of the plugin, it should generate some .txt files in the plugins ‘log’ directory. Looking at these might provide some insights into why it is not working.

    Thanks for your answer.
    I can see the request from your plugin on the google api console (and this generate 0 errors)
    There is no log in the plugin log directory

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Hmm. I don’t suppose you are able to view your servers PHP error logs are you?

    If so can you post anything relevant to the pagespeed plugin?

    I looked in my server log, but I didn’t see anything about your plugin

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    I will likely have a beta of v2.0 ready soon. If you are interested in testing it in your environment to see if it fixes the issues you are seeing, shoot me a message through my sites contact form so I have your info.

    Having the same thing I believe.
    Have got everything else working including analytics API on the site but pagespeed plugin is just all over the place.
    I’m trying to implement MainWP and their support department has exhausted their knowledge trying to get it your Pagespeed plugin working.
    I came across this thread and tried the log deal, upon enabling it on the first client site and save/check it returned me a report where it had not 20 times prior trying. So I was like cool I’ll try it again, went to the next client site and checked the box and save/check and it returned a report. Just to confirm the theory before I change the settings for all sites, I tried the same thing on a third site, it did NOT return a report. No logs were generated for any of them. I’m back at square one with 32 out of 34 sites that do not work.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    MainWP is one of the ‘bulk’ plugin management things that I have seen problems with. Have you tried deactivating/reactivating the plugin directly (not via MainWP) to see if it fixes your problems?

    Yes sir, I actually installed them one by one on the client sites for this plugin after reading mention of that above. Then tried deactivating and re-activating again just for kicks. So either way that shouldn’t be the case at this point. Any idea why it isn’t generating the logs? That would be pretty helpful to see what is catching.


    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    The logs only get triggered when there is an unhandled exception from the Google API. In other words, when something is returned from the API that I haven’t written an error handler for. There are error handlers built in for things like the API key not being valid, the pagespeed API not being enabled, URLs not returning a 200 status code, etc.

    If logs aren’t being generated, it would mean that it is either failing in a ‘handled’ way, or it is failing before it gets to the API. This could mean that the WP Cron is never running, DB tables missing (which probably isn’t your case since you’ve disabled/reactivated already), or some kind of other conflict is preventing it from running normally.

    I have seen issues before with other plugins that also use the Google API’s conflicting.

    Feel free to send me your contact info through the form I posted earlier if you’d like to help beta test 2.0.

    So just for kicks since I already did manually site by site, I went into MainWP and managed plugins and disabled all, enabled all and then ran again. Now some of them are working! I just tried the global update for settings and I believe it’s got it now. Very odd it didn’t do it the first time. So if Bulkadd>thendisable/enable-all>updatesettings golden!

    Should I not see the same scores as if I went to and type the site URL in? Because none of the sites match up, fairly close, but don’t match.

    Yeah, I’ll do that! For sure helpful piece of what I want to do with this console so not a problem we can help with the beta.

    Thanks for the input Matt!

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    I wonder if the enable/disable bit is actually what fixed it, or if time is what fixed it. Some hosting providers disabled WP Cron, and instead run the cron manually on a set interval, in those cases no results would be produced until the given time configured by the hosting provider has elapsed. I hope to provide some better verbiage and maybe a manual ‘trigger crons’ feature in v2.0.

    Scores will vary a bit if slow server response is part of the reason that your scores is being impacted, because server response time tends to bounce around a bit. There was a post a while back form a user that was having the plugins progress bar ajax requests slow down his site because he has a lot of other plugins that initialize themselves during those admin-ajax requests. This is something I hope to address in v2.0.

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