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    WARNING: If your site or theme depends on the jQuery Bootstrap library, this plugin might not work correctly. There is no workaround.

    I could only get this plugin to work correctly by disabling Bootstrap’s JavaScript file. However, disabling this Bootstrap file breaks my theme. I like this plugin for its ease of use and features but it is literally impossible to get working correctly with my site using the Hestia theme.

    Response per Serious Slider developer:

    Our Serious Slider plugin is Bootstrap-based so it includes the needed Bootstrap styling and JavaScript to make it work. We tried to make it self-contained so that it doesn’t expand its styling and code on anything else in the content that may also be using Bootstrap (and its classnames/IDs), however it is not possible to protect for the reverse situation without completely rewriting the Bootstrap identifiers.
    As such, the slider may be interfered with or malfunction completely if something else on the site use Bootstrap too and applies its styling/code too generally.

    Since BootStrap is such a widely used component, it would have spared me tons of wasted time if the developer had mentioned the potential for this huge conflict somewhere on their WordPress repository page.

    As a result of the conflict, I was forced to remove this plugin. I ended up using a plugin called Slide Anything, which seems to work very well without conflicting with Bootstrap or other popular components.

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