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  • So, I would not recommend this plugin to anyone who host large photo galleries on their website with Imagley Nextgen Pro, and wants to serve photos in Webp so that they have faster load times and a better user experience.

    Despite being a good interface and able to create webp files fairly easily this plugin fails in doing the most important thing! Making the webp image files smaller than their Jpeg counterparts.

    I honestly can’t figure out what it is they doing wrong, but if your already using NexGen Pro to compress your file sizes then then there is no point in using imagify because it will literally make the files larger!!! Yes, they make smaller files into larger files! And their interface lies and says its reduced the file size… but when you really check the file sizes on the sever you can clearly see its not working!!!

    Despite getting a reply from their tech support they didn’t answer my question about this and instead just gave me some plugin to Prevents WebP conversion if larger than original format image.

    Which again is useless? Because now it doesn’t make Webp files at all…

    Frankly i’m better off just compressing the files myself in Photoshop and then running a webp script then using their paid services. Even with my limited understanding of coding i can make the webp files smaller than these so called professional services.

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  • Plugin Author WP Media


    Hi @ajtaylorimages

    We are sorry to hear about the bad experience you had with Imagify.

    It is true, in some cases (especially when using Normal compression level), WebP can be larger than original format image. This is something we are reviewing initially, to avoid creating WebP files if they will be larger than original.

    At this moment, we offer the helper plugin that would prevent generating WebP if it’d be larger than original, as you mentioned.

    The only other solution that users can try would be to optimize problematic image(s) in other compression levels (Aggressive or Ultra).

    Best Regards

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