• …despite what it says in the description. I found Auction Nudge (which provides its service “at no additional cost to buyer or seller”) to be a much better solution for my case.

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    Hello Internet,

    As the plugin author I’m just to expand on this review based on questions asked as it isn’t entirely accurate.

    My plugin does allow you to list an individual seller’s auctions. However the solutions I’m aware of tends to use affiliate feeds that previously used eBay Partner Network (ePN) to display the feeds. This was unacceptable to the OP as detailed in this thread here – https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-show-products-from-my-own-ebay-store/ . I offered solutions that do exist, such as RSSGround, which – whilst require generation of affiliate feeds, does require a paid for account.

    Alas when the original description was written the preferred way to generate feeds (using affiliate feeds using ePN, which 99% of the users of my plugin used at the time) was closed down by ePN. Many sellers have used other feed generators (such as RSSGround, but there are others) to create and maintain their shops using WP eBay Product Feeds.

    Auction Nudge, whilst a free service, does disclose that they take an affiliate commission on any product sold through their plugin – https://www.auctionnudge.com/about, using ePN.

    (For the avoidance of doubt: I don’t begrudge or in any way criticise Auction Nudge! They are open and transparent with their offering. It’s a solution that works for them and their clients! We tended to operate in different markets anyway and is a good solution if you’re not bothered about giving away affiliate income).

    So I’m a bit baffled as to why the OP was so insistent in finding a solution using my plugin but not giving any affiliate income away to a third party, only to do it and promote it. If they’ve had a change of heart, then that’s fine and I welcome their decision, but it seems unfair to mark down the review in that case.

    If they didn’t know and they now do this approach (which suggests a lack of research), then I’d encourage the OP to code their own solution, as somebody who operates in this market, I don’t believe anything solution exists out of the box.

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    Have just updated my review as Auction Nudge provide their service “at no additional cost to buyer or seller” – as stated in the link you provided.

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