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  • I’m using the Film Plus themes for magazines. I need to create a left sidebar for additional information we want to add to our site. In many places there are post about how to create it. Thing is, is in my widgets and I can add stuff in there, however, what I add it’s not showing in the site. There was a Social Box in that area which I just turned off. Who could help please??? I have someone waiting on an answer.
    My site is ad I have verified php parameters where Left Sidebar exists. I think I only need one more thing so it shows in the page, but what is it? Which file I need to go to. Left Sidebar is already in files function.php as follows:

    [Non-GPL code removed]

    I added an HTML code to the sidebar widget, nothin g is showing on the site at that side of the page(s). Please help. Do I need to activate something? How could I do so?

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  • You may not be aware of this, but the theme you are using is not released under the GPL licensing requirements of WP – so it’s not supported here at all, sorry. I’d really suggest you find a better theme ASAP – here’s more info on why:

    So, how could I change into a new theme and keep all my already posted information?
    I will not be buying any “fixing” services, thanks for the link but no. I think this is merely a scripting issue.

    I certainly wasn’t suggesting that you buy anything – these forums are 100% free – in fact, it’s against the forum rules to do offer to pay or discuss paid help.

    The point is simply that we cannot help with that theme – if you want help here, you need to use a theme that is released under GPL licensing. All the themes from this site here:

    are GPL licenses and tested for WP quality and supported here.

    I obtained this theme from my WP licence with the hosting company. If twenty thirteen is available, how can twelve not be GPL. I may have not paid for the theme, that doesn’t means is not GPL licenced. My Website has no malware or intrussions. I know for a fact and virus scanner and firewall tells me the same. Where did you get that it is not GPL again?

    how can twelve not be GPL

    ?? According to your first post this is the theme you are using – info copied from the style.css file on your site:

    Theme Name: FilmPlus
    Theme URI: [link removed]
    Author: The Smart Magazine Themes
    Author URI: [link removed]
    Description: Template by
    Version: 2.0
    License: Creative Commons 3.0
    Theme date: 05/02/2013
    License URI: license.txt
    Tags: black, green, dark, fixed-width, featured-images, custom-menu, translation-ready, threaded-comments, theme-options

    That vendor has a very poor reputation, BTW.

    Cool, that’s what the host company offered. What could I do? I’m not into solving this in 10 hours, have too many things to do. If you can’t help me, someone will. And how exactly did you got that information? As far as I know, I copied and pasted left sidebar info only.



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    how exactly did you got that information?

    the theme info is easily available from style.css of the posted linked site

    Thanks for lettin g me kn ow that! It’s really helpfull to me! 🙂

    Now, I’m seeing all the problems I had most likely are related to the CSS structure, which I needed to fix many times and was able to up until now. I would like to fix the site, since most likely the problems in CSS also are creating problems with my google maps for the site. How can I migrate the already published news in my blog to the new theme without problems? And how would I install the new theme if my hosting co offers only this or that? I do have other options on creating like an html coding for this site in the control panel from the host, however, I’m mainly concerned in not loosing my published news. I have been posting news almolst daily since July.

    You won’t lose any content when changing themes – you should be able to use any of the themes from here:

    Install them via your Dashboard under Appearance > Themes

    Thanks!!!! This was really helpfull! I thought might loose them since I would have to redo all the settings on the new theme. Most of the one I have has been translated to my target audience. Now I’ll have to do that ll over again. will my plugins also stay there?

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