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    I’m using the latest build of CF7 and SCF7. I have a site with a contact form, and I’ve submitted it several times since SCF7 was installed. When I go to view the saved submissions, it wants me to select a form from the dropdown, but there are no forms for me to select at all.

    What do I need to do?

    Thank you.

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  • It would seem I am having the same issue.

    It also looks like there is no support for you either.

    Did you manage to sort it out or did you need to bin it and find a different solution?


    I am having the same issue. Have either of you found the fix? I just need to download the historical entires and I am done. This is for an site that was just taken offline and we just want all the entires from the form.



    I’ve heard nothing from the developer, and I’ve not figured out a solution. I think I’m going to scrap Contact Form 7 in the future and use something (maybe paid) with this functionality built in. Sometimes free is really expensive.

    Ya most options have native export functions. I use gravity forms on all our sites. This was just in the old version of their site before we took control and they were wanting and export of all form enteries. I guess this support isn’t active at all if we are having the issue 3 weeks later.



    Digging in the forum, we’re not the first to experience these issues:

    There may be more, but I stopped there. The “help” has been that the contact form must have a submission before it will show up. I’ve tried that many times, and it didn’t help in my case. Others have reported the same. Maybe something in there might help you though.



    Also, I tried re-creating a form and submitting it. It didn’t appear in the drop-down menu either. I’m afraid the plugin just might not work anymore.

    My suspicion is that there’s another way to export the saved entries from your database, but that’s beyond my level of MySQL knowledge. This plugin probably stores all the data on in one table though, so that would help.

    I think this would do it, but I haven’t tried it:

    So this plugin doesn’t grab existing entries??? If thats the case why even make this plugin, I need the historical ones and I can mark this task complete.

    Mine started working briefly – I deleted some of my test forms and re-created them and guess what, only 1 of the 4 forms is showing.

    Going to give this up as a bad job and a poor plugin. With the lack of response from the developer I am guessing he doesnt know how to fix it either.

    You are right, free is expensive sometimes

    Hi to all of you!

    I had the same problem and ended up here of course. The “idea” of creating a new form and it ending up into the dropdown gave me the next idea.

    Go to the existing form you want to appear and hit edit. Do not make any changes (unless you want to!) and hit save! Then it appears to be selected. I guess this means every time we change something to the form we have to resave!

    Important information though. This plugin works just like the flamingo plugin. It just starts collecting information and save it to the Database from the moment you installed it. So no historic data! The exportation and screens of this plugin are quite nice! Better then the Flamingo.

    I was having the same problem. What fixed it for me was removing all numbers in the unique name I give each of my CF7 fields. (I guess there was a chance I had two fields sharing the unique name) I noticed the plugin would create the form in the SaveContactForm_Lookup mySql table but wasn’t creating a unique table with all the forms data correctly. Once I updated the naming of my form’s fields, the correct table was created in the Database, and then I could find the form in the dropdown within wordpress admin.

    I had fields named:

    Once I changed them to:

    The plugin began working again.

    I really like this plugin once you figure out why the data isn’t being stored correctly. The mySql tables it created are easy to manipulate and read compared to all the other cf7 to database plugins I have tried.

    bibidily (@bibidily) Thanks it`s work!!!

    I had the same issue. Couldn’t resolve it and rename all fields isn’t practicable. So I just use another Plguin “Contact Form Submissions”

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