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  • Hi there – apologies but its this old chestnut again – but i want to establish if it is possible – if someone out there has this working

    My WP: 2.8.2 (latest at time of posting)
    My Flash Version: MAC 10,0,22,87 (latest)
    My OSX Version: Mac OS 10.5.7
    My Browser: 3.0.011 (firefox) Version 4.0.1 (5530.18) (Safari)

    My problem is that i do not, when using my Mac get the option, at all, to upload via flash – I do not get error messages or anything else – i just do not get the option to upload via flash – I am told:
    “You are using the Browser uploader.”

    but there is no option for any alternative.

    Unless I use a PC with windows and firefox – then, then it works.

    I have seen the sticky at the top, i have set my htaccess, i have reuploaded files, i have cleared cache and I am now past the point of frustration – i just want to know – is it possible to get the flash uploader on an Apple Mac?

    Many thanks in advance,

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  • I have a slightly different problem. I can see the flash uploader, but I can’t actually use it, as there is no ‘choose files to upload’ button. I have 100 photos to upload, and I really don’t want to do them one at a time! Help please!

    My WP: 2.8.2
    My Flash Version: MAC
    My OSX Version: Mac OS 10.5.7
    My Browser: Firefox 3.5.1 and Safari Version 4.0.2 (5530.19)

    some files (wp-includes) may be missing.. try to reupload them

    Same issue here. Could be something to do with the host.

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