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  • Just to add to the mystery … the files did make the transfer as well.

    I am having the exact same issue. Have you found a solution to this yet?

    I have also the same issue.
    But, the most bad thing for me, is the fact, that noone responds or answers your requests.

    I payed for the Download Page Addon to find out, that the new version of this plugin is more buggy and less functional than the old free of charge one.

    This can’t be the right way.
    I am willed to pay for a good software AND a good Support.

    But at the moment, i must see that nothing of these two wishes are fullfilled.

    I have found severeal posts in this forum which are complainig about exactely the same problem.
    But no answer from the developer and no solution is in sight.

    Very bad!

    @pbruck – these forums are only for free version support. I’m sorry you’ve not gotten support but this isn’t the place to discuss it. You need to contact the developer directly with any paid version support issues. Your duplicate posts have been deleted. Please do not post more of the same.

    Sorry Guy,
    but the “Developer” has cut off any direct way to contact him!
    Look here:
    No legal notice, no Contact mail adress, no mail contact form, no…….
    Anything which may be helpful to contact him directly.

    I use the free version with the payed Download Page Addon.
    Am i really wrong here?

    That’s definitely unfortunate – I’m sure everyone here would agree, including me :). But no one here has any information or way to resolve this issue, and it doesn’t change the policy of these forums. If you want to post your own thread on an issue specific to the free plugin from here, please do so.

    @pbruck, the plugin you’ve linked to above is not the same of the download monitor plugin. If you’ve encountered some bug or issue, the best way to contact the developer is through github:



    I had a similar issue and we found the source of the problem: the serialised string stored in the posts_meta table in the database. When we changed the domain name from our holding to our live site, the character number was different – this means it’s pulling an invalid string when looking for the file location.

    i.e. is 35 characters, and is 34 characters. Adjusting the serialised string to fit fixed our problem.



    @jodiw I think you’re right – locally with a domain string of the same length as my live site, there is no problem downloading. However on a “staging.***.com” subdomain, I catch the No Filepath Defined error.

    However, this still poses a problem if I’m advancing a database through environment stages and eventually to production.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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