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    If I go to “edit feed source”, I can see the feed preview, but even though the shortcode is entered in the page, when I view it, it says, “No feed items found.”

    I’m new at this, so I may have overlooked something obvious. Please let me know what it might be.

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  • Plugin Author Jean Galea


    You might need to give it a few minutes until it gathers the feed items in the background, but I assume you’ve already did this. If that’s the case, please send me the feed source you are using and we’ll test it out.

    Same Problem for me I need to Show my Recent Posts as Feed.. So how can it be obtained.
    Please help me for the silly question.
    Thanks in advance

    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    Are you still having problems with this?

    I have a similar problem. The feed works great on the home page, but not on category pages. On any page except the home page it gives a “No feed items found” message with no further information that I can find to fix the problem. (It is the same shortcode etc on each page, just copied and pasted).

    This is with WP 3.6.1 and using the GeoTheme template. I’m tempted to buy some of the add-ons because it looks good, but am worried because of the issue above. Any suggestions?


    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    @chfriley Lets try to troubleshoot this.

    How are you adding the shortcode to category archives? Those are generated automatically by WordPress. Are you using the PHP function call within the category template?

    In all places – the home page and the other (e.g. detail) pages, it is done the same. I have a text widget with
    [wp-rss-aggregator limit='10']

    in the text box. This works on the front sidebar, but not on any other sidebars, although it does work on a “News” page (WordPress Page) that I created.

    On the detail page sidebar it says “No feed items found.”

    Given that the plugin says it is using a database (although I didn’t see additional items in the mysql database), I wouldn’t think it was a directory issue.

    Thank you for the reply.

    I can IM you the links if you wish and will definitely donate if I can get it all working properly. 😉

    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    So you’re using the default WordPress text box widget right?

    Please send the links to info @, you can use the plugin’s export option if you wish.

    I had the same problem and I got it sorted.
    It’s really stupid but it did take me hours to find out. You may have the same problem as me.

    The “//” in the feed had been removed in the source URL.

    More details:

    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    That’s an interesting one, we’ll definitely keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Thanks for the tip – I don’t think that is the problem after checking it, but I do appreciate the suggestion. The feed works into the DB and the items show up on the main page, but not the category or post pages.

    I am not sure where the bug is, everyone says the bug is elsewhere. It seems it is an interaction between the WP Filters and RSS Agg. The only difference is the calls in query.php (WP_Query call) in line 2544. If I suppress the filters in there then it works on all pages not just the home page. As long as the filters are applied then the plugin generates the wrong query, causes an SQL error, and returns a null result. I am not sure why the plug-in needs a filter for its query, likewise, I am not sure what other filter is applied there on the other pages but not the main page.

    I’m thinking that if I were to alter RSS Aggregator’s code to remove all filters for the pages, categories etc using:
    prior to RSS Aggregator’s WordPress query, then it would work (since if I manually comment out the filter call in query.php it works on all pages). I haven’t tried it yet though since it has been a lower priority.

    Anyway, the SQL error when the filters are applied:

    ” Not unique table/alias: ‘wp_postmeta’ for query SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS wp_posts.ID FROM wp_posts INNER JOIN wp_postmeta ON (wp_posts.ID = wp_postmeta.post_id) join wp_postmeta on wp_postmeta.post_id=wp_posts.ID “

    My current “solution” has been to just not use the news on the non-main page. If I do ever figure out what the issue is exactly (or try the remove filters) I will follow up.


    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    Let us know if you try that fix/hack, thanks for providing more information.

    Hi Jean,
    How I fixed (?) it was in wp-content/plugins/wp-rss-aggregator/includes/feed-display.php. In the function wprss_get_feed_items_query, I turned on suppress_filters like this at line 75-76:

    'order'          => 'DESC',
    		'suppress_filters' => true

    Whatever filters were messing with the query as above are no longer applied. It may not work for everyone, but on my configuration it does work and correct the issue.

    Just wanted to give an update in case anyone else sees this or something similar.


    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    Thanks will test and incorporate in the next release.

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