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    Is it just me, or does WordPress MU not allow for post-thumbnails? There is no featured image box, and I cannot find any documentation on enabling it for MU. I’ve tried various themes. Nothing in the WordPress Post-Thumbnails codex pages mentions it not working in MU.

    Do they work?

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  • Did you click the Screen Options link in the upper right and verify that the Featured Image box is checked?

    Yes I did.

    Regardless, I’ve decided to un-install MU.

    They may be hidden by default in 3.1. You won’t see them in single site or multisite. So uninstalling MU will do nothing.

    At best, maybe there’s a plugin hiding them?

    Eg. I ran into that issue the other day using WooThemes because I needed to disable WooThemes Dynamic Images so it would revert back to WordPress featured images.

    Hope this helps.

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    The work fine but they ARE hidden by default on 3.1

    3.1 hides some screen options on posts & pages edit screensby default. Just turn on the ones you want.
    More info here:

    Alternately, put this in your theme’s functions.php if you want the custom fields to show up by default (from this thread):

    // Change what's hidden by default
    add_filter('default_hidden_meta_boxes', 'be_hidden_meta_boxes', 10, 2);
    function be_hidden_meta_boxes($hidden, $screen) {
    	if ( 'post' == $screen->base || 'page' == $screen->base )
    		$hidden = array('slugdiv', 'trackbacksdiv', 'postexcerpt', 'commentstatusdiv', 'commentsdiv', 'authordiv', 'revisionsdiv');
    		// removed 'postcustom',
    	return $hidden;

    (By the way, if you ever customized yours, that’s why they didn’t vanish. It only changed for people still using default.)

    And it;s nothing to do with multisite either.

    I’ve tested a single site install and multi-site install, both on the same server. The single site install showed Featured Images by default. The Multi-site install does not. In the screen options tab, Featured Images isn’t even there. Both are using the same theme (my own theme, La Rivista) and I’ve also tried both with the default TwentyTen theme. Exactly the same.

    Single site install:
    Click Here

    Multi site install:
    Click Here

    FYI: These are both two brand new installs. No plugins have been installed, and only two themes; My own and Twenty Ten.

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    And something else, cause you have La Rivista Post Options, and THAT is not a part of WordPress….

    Does your custom theme use caps like edit_theme? Cuz that;s only available to SUPER admins on multisite.

    Lower those caps.

    It uses edit_themes. I am the super admin of this site.

    The La Rivista Post Option is part of the custom theme. The themes custom meta boxes work fine in both. In both the single and multi-site install, the Featured Image meta box doesn’t work with BOTH the TwentyTen theme and my own custom theme; therefore I highly doubt it is a theme specific issue? I also tried out a third theme to no avail.

    Found it.

    On multisite, if you do not enable the IMAGE UPLOADS, under Network admin -> Settings, then …. well, that kind precludes having featured images.

    Tick that box. Save.

    Featured images show up on the screen options tab.

    Yes that worked perfectly. Thanks!


    Just had the same moment of panic when I couldn’t find the Featured Image meta box on a brand new WP Multisite 3.1 install.

    Thanks for the tip Andrea! All sorted now 🙂

    This will fix the problem

    Andrea, Thanks a lot!!!
    I was looking for a lot of time!!

    I couldn’t find the featured image box either on a brand new 3.1 install. Odd that these image uploads is not on by default!

    Thanks so much. I’ve been pulling my hair out on this one.

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