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  • I have deactivated 0.99 and then updated to 1.0. I have enabled login, register, and widgets. I get 6 widgets (Activity Feed, Chicklet, Fan Box, Live Feed, Recommendation, and Status). I do not have a Facebook Connect widget to drag over that puts the Connect using FB button. Is this feature disabled now? I know you said you were having issues with it before. Using TwentyTen Theme.


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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    The Connect widget was buggy and so it’s not in the 1.0 version anymore.

    So are you not putting the connect widget back in at all? Or some point later maybe? I only use this plug for the connect widget. So right now…the plugin is not of any use for me at least.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    It may come back later, but there is no particular plan to put it back. Frankly, it was pretty useless to begin with. What’s the point of connecting in a widget? It didn’t actually *do* anything. Having the login button on the login screen makes a thousand times more sense.

    If you only used the plugin for the connect widget, then there wasn’t a whole lot of point in you using the plugin at all, really. The connect widget never really did anything. You’re connected. Now what?

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    If you really, really want, you can make a new Text widget and stick some fb:login code into it, and voila, it’ll make a login button. The login button won’t do anything, but you can make it do something like log you in with some javascript and such:

    <fb:login-button v="2" perms="email,user_website" onlogin='window.location.href="http :// ://";' />

    That would make it redirect you to the login page, where the Login code would log you in, then redirect you back to the main site.

    Yeah…I mainly used it so that it would connect them to facebook and add the app to their profile.

    Thanks for the info Otto. Much appreciated.

    Haha Otto, I have no coding experience. You might as well be taking Chinese. I’ll try to figure something out.. Or maybe get rid of Login with Ajax all together. Thanks so much!

    The best thing about the widget is you aren’t required to use the login/register page. I don’t use it in my current config but I’m forced to use it now if I want to use this plugin.

    I used login with AJAX too but I have users coming from somewhere else and I don’t mind having two login forms, one for the regular customers and one for this since the regular login is for a specific type of user. I tried that code and I just get a blank area in the widget bar. I’m sure there has to be some img code or something else to go there maybe? Can you be more specific about how to make this work?

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    That code I posted was an example. It won’t work as-is. Not everything can be copy-pasta.

    Obviously you’d need to modify it with your own URLs. And to remove the spaces I added to prevent the linking.

    Any time you want to do things outside the normal route, some coding is going to be required. If you want customized stuff, then you are going to have to do it custom. This is part of the reason I removed the connect widget. It was never intended to actually be used in the first place. It was demonstration code. I wrote it to show people how to make their own SFC-based plugins. Frankly, I was shocked when people actually tried to use it, because it so obviously *didn’t work properly*. It was never intended to work properly. That totally wasn’t the point of it at all.

    And that’s why it’s gone. It wasn’t meant to be a full solution. It wasn’t meant to work full time, and if you were using it at all, then you were using it incorrectly, because there was no correct way to use it.

    A full login-from-the-sidebar solution is by its very nature going to be very custom. Different people want different behaviors and different mannerisms. People complained that the login button stuck around even though you were logged in, for example, but others clearly used it anyway and didn’t care. Some people wanted logins to go to the admin screens, others wanted it to come back to the front page of the blog. Things like that are what make this highly-custom, and making a widget that suits everybody and is still “simple” is freakin’ impossible.

    So if you want something like this, then it’s easy enough to do in a text widget or directly in your theme using code similar to, but not exactly like, the code I gave above. It’s not really hard to learn javascript and HTML, and the fb:login code is simple enough to figure out for even a beginner. So that’s what I’m recommending for now.

    The normal login and register screens give a solid foundation to work with. They’re not custom, they’re pretty much the same everywhere. If you don’t like the look of them, then you can use other plugins like Mark’s excellent Login Logo to customize them.

    Fair enough I suppose.

    Obviously you’d need to modify it with your own URLs. And to remove the spaces I added to prevent the linking.

    Obviously! :p

    Things like that are what make this highly-custom, and making a widget that suits everybody and is still “simple” is freakin’ impossible.

    I think SFC comes pretty close 🙂 Thanks again!

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