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  • Same here. What I did was go through all the posts and click the import function there manually.

    same. can’t even import images in a single post

    Same here. Is this plugin at all compatible with WP 4.4?

    Thomas McGee


    Ditto. Just got a message that says “We didn’t find any external images to import. You’re all set!”

    Same here :\ Probably not compatible with 4.4

    I’m going to test this plugin with an earlier version of WordPress on my local environment. I will post my findings as I’m also having issues with it.

    When you go into the post itself do you see anything on the sidebar that notifies you of external images? Are they in a custom post type? Are they on a different domain than the site you’re working on?

    I have used it recently so it is compatible with 4.4, but it does check for some specific things, and doesn’t support custom post types without editing in a few places.

    Did anyone manage to get this plugin to work? I’m on WP 4.4.2 trying to import some images hosted on Typepad. It just tells me it didn’t find any images to import.

    @simenschi – how did you do this manually for each post? I don’t see a way to do this. The only place the “import images” command is listed in the main media gallery. I don’t seem to have that option with individual posts.

    When you’re in the post editing the content, as long as the img tags have an extension that is recognized by the plugin, it will show up next to the “update” button as having a bunch of images available to import. It only does 20 at a time though, so depending on the number of images it may have to make a few passes. If you view the source you can look for <img src=””> tags, and just make sure that the extensions end in .jpg, .gif, .png (the usual extensions).

    Coding Concepts – thank you for the response. The images end in .jpg, but for some reason it’s not recognizing them. It’s not showing the images next to the update button. It’s strange because it found the images for about half of my posts, but not the others. All of my posts were in the same format, so I’m really confused.

    OK, is there anything else in between the <img and the src=” tags? I found that the regex being used looked specifically for <img src=”blah.jpg”> and if you had something like <img data-whatever=”this” src=”blah.jpg”> it wouldn’t recognize it. I was playing around with the code (I uploaded my modified plugin in another of the support posts here) but never finished tweaking it to only get the src tags and ignore any other data attributes. I’ll see if I can revisit it when I have time 🙂


    <img src=”″>

    Mine are hosted on Typepad and have an img src which looks like this:

    <img class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d83451cbb069e201b7c7fff5a6970b img-responsive" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" title="Barbican mugs" src="" alt="Barbican mugs" border="0" />

    They are jpgs with a .jpg extension if I drag one to the desktop.

    So with the first one, admintic9, it’s because of the ?759 at the end – if you remove that it will show the importer for that image properly. With the next one, leandra, it looks like all of the classes and styles may interfere with it. I’ll see if I can tweak the regex to grab the src only. When I have time :p

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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