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  1. laura.lee
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hello... I know that shortlinks "have a reason" to direct to the "post". Nonetheless... what there should be is a "scrambling program"... that scrambles to give out a nonsensical address that doesn't exist. I should be able to hit "scrambled shortlink" rather than a real shortlink... and use it for downloads.

    Woocommerce should be scrambling my shortcode for security reasons. They shouldn't be giving out a "real address" when there is a download. I have it set up where I have the media library page protected with only admin access. However, WordPress.org should have a scrambling program.

    I think it should be encrypted and scrambled... yet communication between WordPress and Woocommerce where Woocommerce "finds the download link"... but never gives out the real download link like when you put your mouse over it.

    That should be encrypted and scrambled and only within the admin panel should the real download path be known.

    I'm sure that "if it was simple"... it would be done already. But that scrambling encoder system needs to be built whether it is server side, WordPress... Woocommerce... or all of the above.

    If something already exists... I cannot find it. :) So, I just did an access management control on my media file... cuz I couldn't find any info on scrambling encryption. :)

    Newbies know not what they ask. But, really, there should be no excuses for not encrypting download path. :) lol

    I want an encrypted... shortlink system. :) (I am only just learning... but this seems like great minds could be able to do that. There has to be a way to encrypt. :) I have no idea what better system of security I can rig up. I'm probly missing something... ????

    Have a great day!

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