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  • Hi,

    Loving this plugin, but we’re running into an issue. I have a message filled out in the “No Events Message” setting but it’s not displaying when there are no events to be displayed.

    We have a feed on a page that is only supposed to display the current event that is happening (it’s a TV station, so it displays the current program that’s running). Throughout the day, however, they might not have a schedule program to air and they just run the “Community Billboard.” I’d like to have it so that if there’s nothing feeding from the Google Calendar there then it displays “Community Billboard” as the current program playing.

    This seems like it would be accomplished through setting the “No Events Message” to that, but it’s not displaying anything right now.

    Any help that you could give would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Sorry, the page is here:

    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney



    The plugin still seems to be outputting one list item for one event. Are you perhaps using one of the conditional shortcodes in the event display builder field?

    I am. For the “Currently Playing” feed I have it set to only show the event that is currently happening. Would this conflict with the “No Events Message?”

    My goal would be to show the current event from the calendar feed when it’s happening, and if there’s no current event happening show a default message. Is this possible at all?


    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney


    Try using the following settings:

    • Retrieve events from: Now
    • Retrieve events until: The end of time
    • Maximum number of events to retrieve: 1

    Then, use something like the following shortcode in your page:

    [google-calendar-events id="2" type="list"]

    You should then be able to remove the conditional shortcode from the event display builder field.

    That should display one event, that’s happening “now”, or if there isn’t an event, the no events message.

    That makes sense, but it seems like the code is not working the way you said it would. I changed all the settings for that calendar feed and it is now just showing the next upcoming event on the calendar instead of the current event (or if there is no current event then the “No Events Message.”

    Not sure why this might be happening? Would really appreciate any help you might be able to give. Thanks!

    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney


    It looks like it’s working ok on your site at the moment. It’s displaying one event that started at 10:00am (EST) and ends at 11:00am (it’s currently 10:20am EST as I’m writing this).

    Is this not correct? Or have I misunderstood the problem?

    Actually, I got to work after some minor tweaking. Instead of retrieving events from “Now” until “The end of time” I selected to retrieve events from “Now” until “Now.” That way it only displays an event that’s currently happening and if there is no event then it displays the “No Events” message.

    One additional question: is there any way that I can style the text for just the “No Events” message? Right now, it looks quite different than the styling for the rest of my events and I’d like to style it a little more like the rest of the events. Is there a way that I can target just the styling of that message and change it (font size, color, font family, etc).

    Thanks so much!

    Actually, I’m wrong. That didn’t work either. It displayed the “No Events” message, but when an event would be happening it still would just display the “No Events” message.

    Not sure how I can get this to work. It seems like no matter what I set it to, it either doesn’t display the “No Events” message or it displays the “No Events” message and not the current event that’s happening.

    Would greatly appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

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