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    My problem is on the back end of WordPress. When I choose Events, it shows there are 223 published events. They display on the front end of the site. But on the back end, the Events page shows NO EVENTS FOUND. I’ve cleared any applicable caches. I’ve deactivated and reactivated the plugin. I have the latest version of the plugin, 5.9.5. How do I get the events to display again so I can work with them?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Having the same trouble after updating to the latest version of WordPress. https://www.minnaholtta.fi

    The same trouble ….

    see screen shot : https://www.todayinliege.be/t/noevent.jpg

    EM Version 5.9.5 + WP 5.1.1–fr_FR, Divi : 3.20.2

    many event, but nothing in the list, i can not validate ! 🙁

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    I confirm it is interaction whith DIVI, if i’m back to “Twenty Nineteen” no trouble

    I you wan try divi i can send tou you a divi.zip thème

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    I don’t need to try Divi, it is the theme in use on the site. That isn’t going to change, I simply need my Events to show up again.


    Currently there is a know issue with the Latest update of DIVI and Events Manager. The current available fix it to rollback the DIVI theme version.

    I have the same issue on my Divi site.

    Rolling back to the previous version of Divi is not an acceptable option because the latest version of Divi patched an important security issue. Divi seems to have a new version frequently, but with this latest version, I actually received an email from Elegant Themes letting us know that importance of doing this update. So, rolling back would put our sites at risk.

    How soon do you expect to have a new version of Events Manager that will provide a fix???

    OK, ET does have a security patcher available here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/members-area/security/march-2019/index.php

    So I guess the ideal temporary solution would be to roll back the Divi theme and then install the patch for the security problems.

    But then how are we going to know when it’s OK to update Divi again. Who needs to fix the problem: ET or Events Manager?

    I have the same issue. Are you sure it’s DIVI? I’ve seen elsewhere that this could also be WordPress 5.x.

    I’ve rolled back WP to 4.9.10 and DIVI 3.20.1 and getting ready to install the security patch plug in — I hope this works…

    Update — no joy; doesn’t work for me so must be something else preventing Events Manager from displaying existing events, in the past and future — nada, nichts, rien, 何もない (Nanimonai), and Nihil.

    @tilto I tried flipping to twenty nineteen and my site got very ugly… no joy there
    @timrv any other ideas?

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    Nevermind, DIVI 3.21 fixed things and works fine… including WP 5.x updates

    it is ok now : DiviVersion : 3.21

    I can also confirm that updating to Divi 3.21 has fixed this issue for me.

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    Divi 3.21 also fixed this for me. Rolling back to an earlier Divi just wasn’t an option due to the security issues.

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