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[Resolved] No emails, success page, no admin email…but saved submission

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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    Well, the first thing I would check is all the settings.

    • Under email settings did you add a “from” email address?
    • Under Admin email did you enter an email address for submission to be sent to?

    For the shortcode did you include the form ID. I would need to see how entered it but if you just see the a short code then you entered it wrong.

    Append to page means that he form is appended (added, or included on) that particular page. You should never use both the append and the shortcode for the same forma and same page.

    I have done everything as you indicated. I didnt append the form to any page. And still just shortcode.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    If you seeing the shortcode being printed then either your shortcode is entered incorrectly or you have something in your theme or a plugin that is disabling shortcodes.

    Could you please paste here the exact way you are including your shortcode?

    I have fixed the shortcode. It appeared that there was a space after the underscore before display. watch what you copy. I got a successful submission with confirmation. It appears I still don’t have successful email sends though.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    • Are form submissions being saved?
    • Do you receive all other internal WordPress email?

    With out see how things are set up in your admin it’s hard to help because the behavior you are describing is that of something not being set properly.

    Form submissions are being saved. And I dont know what you mean by all other internal wordpress emails. I am sorry. I do the best I can with this stuff. And do pretty well most of the time. Some interworkings give me trouble. I could give you a temp admin…maybe?

    Plugin Author James Laws


    That would definitely help me get you situated. If you decide to do that you can send it to james[at]wpninjas[dot]net.

    This has been resolved. There was an unnecassary space in my shortcode which broke it. Also, I was testing with a gmail account sending to myself. Gmail doesn’t like that. I used an alias and it worked fine.

    James Laws, thanks for the help, I served your explanations.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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