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    Hi there!

    When I send a message to “All recipients”, I get this message at the top of my screen:

    “Email has been sent to 57 users, but 58 recipients were originally found. Perhaps some users don’t have valid email addresses?”

    We do, indeed, have 58 members. All of the email addresses are valid.

    I have my BCC limit set to 30 (the hosting account limits to 40, so I think I’m safe there), and I’m not using SendGrid (I saw others having this issue that are using that plugin) or any other plugin, actually, that has anything to do with email at all. My header messages look like they are fine – nothing is returning with an error.

    Funnily enough, *I* get a copy of the email (as the sender) – even when I uncheck the box to send a copy to the sender. Comes right through immediately. No one else does, though. (also funny – I have debug on, and it still sent *me* the email.)

    (EDIT: I found out the bit that *was* here was an error on my part. The other members who used it weren’t using “Email Users” – they were using another plugin that doesn’t exist on the system anymore – I got rid of it and replaced with “Email Users”.)

    I’m going to try and just send to individuals…all of them (thankfully, there’s only 58!) and see if that works.

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  • Well, further interesting things have happened. *Some* of the emails were sent. I have no idea what the factor is that makes the emails go through for some and not others. (Spam folders have been checked by the people who didn’t get it, and they aren’t in there, either.)

    And turning on “debug” is supposed to *not* send emails to people, but it 100% did (it also sent an email to me, even though “exclude the sender” is checked). I sent out a quick test to select people on the list, and got several emails back saying it was working fine. Oops.

    Okay, another update. It appears that no one got the email, except for me (the site admin) and the newest person to register on the site. The other 56 members never received one.

    Is there anything I could look for? Even which file in the plugin I could start with?

    Okay, so I just tested again, and this time I added the WP SMTP plugin, and set it to go through gmail. My initial tests *seem* to be working with this change (although the test group I sent to is very small – only 4 emails – but everyone got it immediately).

    I’m still getting this message though:

    “Email has been sent to 3 users, but 4 recipients were originally found. Perhaps some users don’t have valid email addresses?”

    And it sent to all 4 email addresses – not 3 – and all email addresses *are* valid.

    I’m getting ready to try it again with the entire group to see if the SMTP info is all that it needed to work.

    Okay, so it appears that the group emails are going through – IF I send to a group. “Registered Users” (the default groups everyone gets put in when they register) is the only group that isn’t working. So it appears I need to create a group for all users, and manually add them to that group, and it’ll work. (I *am* using the “Groups” plugin with the Email Users plugin.)

    Any other group I send to outside of “registered” seems to be working fine.

    It also appears to be an issue with the “Groups” plugin. Although all the users show up in the default group when I filter the users list – the actual “Groups” page only shows 1 person is in that group – me. Which is why I’m getting the emails, but no one else is. It appears there’s an issue there, instead of here. So off I trot to that plugin!

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    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Sorry for the delayed response but it sounds like you are on the right path based on your latest description.

    Regarding your questions about the warning <i>“Email has been sent to 3 users, but 4 recipients were originally found. Perhaps some users don’t have valid email addresses?”</i>, I’ll have to go look at the code again to see what triggers that warning as I can’t recall off the top of my head. There is a mismatch somewhere – is it possible two users are registered with the same email address? Modern versions of WordPress don’t allow that but back when this plugin was first written, a user could register without an email address and the duplicate checking wasn’t very robust.

    Thanks! And no biggie – I know it was Thanksgiving week 🙂 Kinda hard to pull away from pumpkin pie 😀

    No – no duplicate email addresses. It’s a new system (I created it locally back in April, and uploaded to live just last week) – so that can’t happen.

    I ended up creating a new group (in Groups) called “All Users”. That seems to be working. So I’m not sure where the issue lies – in “Groups” or in “Email Users” – because it turns out I was wrong on “Groups” – it *is* adding registered users to the default Group, but it won’t *email* to the default group. Well, that’s not exactly true, either – I did send out a second attempt and maybe 10 of the 58 users got the email (I did have access to several spam folders to check they weren’t going to spam – they are not). No idea what’s going on there. But putting everyone in a new group, though, does seem to work (so far).

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