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    It’s strange that the weekly WP SMTP summary email reports that no emails have been sent, even though emails have indeed been sent. Why does the report show that no emails have been sent?

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    Hi @ainasewing

    Thank you for reaching out to us..

    That certainly is strange. The weekly email summary in the lite version of WP Mail SMTP is supposed to show a summary of all emails sent from your website using the wp_mail() function since you installed and set up the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

    So whenever your website executes the wp_mail() function, it will count towards the total. If an email isn’t being added towards the total then either the wp_mail() function wasn’t called for that email or another plugin is taking precedence or conflicting with ours.

    When you get a chance can you let me know the following?

    • What mailer are you currently using?
    • What version of WP Mail SMTP are you currently using and are you only sending transactional emails or do you utilize any form of newsletter or marketing email plugins?
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    Hi, thank your for your reply:
    – I am using other SMTP
    – When customer purchases something they receive a mail with this email.
    – I use mailer lite to send marketing email
    My best,

    https://ibb.co/qYrctCw 27/05
    https://ibb.co/cyp1bt5 19/05
    https://ibb.co/GTNxXbp TEST 03/06

    I have not receive more weekly report from the 27/05

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    Hi @ainasewing

    Thank you for getting back to me. That certainly is odd.

    I see that the 27/05 report showed that emails were sent that week. Do you have a logging plugin enabled like WP Mail Logging for example? If yes, do the number of logs match with the sent emails (29 emails) or the difference between the total emails for the two date ranges you shared (27 emails)?

    Also, since your reports appear to be inaccurate, the WP Mail Logging plugin will help you keep track of what and how many emails are being sent from your website because they will be logged as soon as they are sent.

    Also, since you have not received anymore reports, perhaps weekly summaries are currently disabled in your WP Mail SMTP » Settings » Misc section. If it isn’t this might indicate a plugin conflict.

    When you get a chance can you let me know what plugins you currently have installed?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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