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    Sorry if this is a repost of topic – but I can’t seem to find any good solution with Googling.

    WPSC no longer sending emails to admin or purchaser after purchase.

    I’ve tried the suggested of letting anyone register, no luck. I’ve not tried hacking the core files at all. Don’t want to do that, WPSC should fix it if it is there issue. I’ve also read the gateway provider needs to update their info, but that doesn’t seem right since the data is stored locally and just not being sent.

    WP 3.8.1 – WPSC – GoldCart 2.9.7


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  • What gateway are you using? If the gateway has not been updated to support the new way wp-e-c does things, you won’t get the emails. I am happy to check over whether the code needs updating, free of charge. Contact via

    Hi whitelamp –

    Thanks, it is the LinkPoint gateway from Frist Data.

    How can I check if the gateway has been updated, and if not, what should I do to resolve?

    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    Its the gateway that comes with Gold Cart ?
    If so please state your Gold Cart version.

    The GC version is 2.9.7.

    And yes, the Gate Way is LinkPoint and it came with the Plugin, I didn’t add on anything for WPSC except for the Gold Cart.

    Also – Mihai – I tried to purchase more tokens for 1-1 support – but after I login and put in my API key and fill out the form, it says I need to buy more tokens, but then the page to buy more tokens is totally blank except for a breadcrumb that says home >>.

    And thanks for the help.

    My copy (from 2.9.2) has these lines in it round about line 206.

    If yours does too, it needs updating.

    $wpdb->query(“UPDATE ".WPSC_TABLE_PURCHASE_LOGS." SET processed=’3′ WHERE sessionid='”.$sessionid.”‘ LIMIT 1″);
    header(“Location: “.$transact_url.$seperator.”sessionid=”.$sessionid);

    Hi whitelamp –

    Is there no solution w/o hacking the plugin? I’d prefer not to do that if at all possible.


    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    @atomicdam please download the latest gold cart version
    The version you have is not compatible with the WP e-Commerce version. Use the link below by entering your API key in the top form box.

    Thanks for the report of the support token link, it has been fixed now !

    Thank you, that fixed it!

    Love easy fixes like that.

    But you know, I had no idea that the GC was out of date. It didn’t want to update like other plugins. You might want to allow it to say – there is an update – login here… with your API … to get update.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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