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[Resolved] No emails are sent

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  • If I have a similar probllema, when someone buys me does not get any mail to know, only if I go to the site and see administador understand me whole and should not be so

    Plugin Author Mihai


    @anti-pesto please contact your payment gateway developers to update their code. There has been changes in the way gateway emails are sent out in recent WPEC updates

    @angel Monteros the same applies to your issue. Depending on what gateway you are using.


    Can you point us to the documentation on what updates are necessary?

    Plugin Author Mihai


    Look at the gateways that come by default with WPEC. You can use Paypal Standard to see what the changes are. You should look at the part that updates the order status in the database.

    Having the same issue. I’m using e-Commerce and using “TEST Gateway”.

    Problem solved in record time by Dom over at whitelamp.com.

    The problem was in fact my custom gateway so @rainbowlearn you might want to something like Paypal Standard (or one of the other core gateways) just to test. That is of course after you troubleshoot whether or not your WP sends emails properly to begin with.

    Maybe @misulicus can explain why the test gateway doesn’t work if you haven’t modified the one that comes by default.

    When you are ready to use a real gateway, Dom can help you if you need custom work done.

    Plugin Author Mihai


    Test gateway emails are only sent once the order is marked as Accepted in the store sales. So once you place the order mark it as paid and then see if the emails are sent.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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