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    Hi again,

    a friend tried to buy a product from my shop and has paid via paypal. he did not get an email with the download link.

    its a digital download and shipping product.So it should be,that he gets an email with a downloadlink, and I would get an mail with the adress to know where to ship to.

    I get an email from paypal with the adress, but he didnt get an email with the digital download. I have put a check in the settings at email sent after purchase. but it just doesnt work. he neither got something in his spam mails.

    is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?maybe just possible with bizcart?

    would be nice to hear something from you.


    Thanks a lot.

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  • Hi Benuz,

    Checked the website but could not find any product or not sure if you have deleted the plugin already.

    1. You mentioned that you have received email from paypal with the customers address what about the payment? Did he paid by paypal check? Plugin treats it as a manual payment and does not release the product.

    2. You might need to check with your hosting provider to see if your email script is working correctly.

    Its pretty hard to tell if there is no shopping cart installed.


    Hi there.

    Sorry I released the site already and put the Shopping Cart away from the navbar. You can get to it by this link:

    He paid the PayPal bill and I got an adress and “payment done” mail from PayPal but no digital link is send via email :/

    Plugin Author n.showket


    First of all, I can reconfirm you ( 100% guarantee ) that email works and it is working for many many clients. Must be something in your Env.
    do the following:
    1 ) Check that your hosting does allow email to go out.

    2 ) If Yes, please configure your smtp details.

    3 ) if nothing works send me yoru admin and I will have a look.

    Thanks for your answer in the first place. I think i might got the problem here. The email I used was just forwarding to another one. I now installed a new mail on my server and put it in thunderbird. But what authentification mode do I have to choose now? Because the plugin does not want any Password. just none? doesnt that mean anyone could use the mail adress to send mails out?

    Plugin Author n.showket


    Nah its linked with your hosting…it should be fine…

    I tried again to buy something and it still did not send the mail. Do I have to change something in my php options for allowing emails to be sent out?

    Plugin Author n.showket


    no you should not have to do anything…..I can assure you with full guarantee that email is fine from my code point of view. Hundreds of people ( including myself ) are using this. It must be something to do with yoru hosting and setup.


    still doesnt work..Im going to surrender very soon :/

    my hoster does allow following options to be changed:

    do i have to change something from there?

    Plugin Author n.showket


    You should not have to give up for this. I guess at this point, send me an email with your admin access and let me have a look.


    could it be beacause I had a normal paypal account and just upgraded? o.O?

    Plugin Author n.showket


    I dont think so. Email issue is normally linked with hosting problem and your site(WordPress) configuration.


    Plugin Author n.showket


    I have checked it and cant see any issue. It has to be hosting related….also could you please uninstall all the installed plugins you haev and just try our one first.

    thanks a lot for your help you think some changes in host could make it work? my hoster got me to this site where i can make some changes: somebody knows what to change?



    Hi, I have the same problem.
    I’ve tried to buy a file. I’ve paid with paypal and the operation was concluded with success.
    I’ve received the email from paypal but I’haven’t received yet the email with the download link.

    n.showket said that it could be an hosting problem.
    Which hosting detail I have to check?




    Double check your spam box for the email with the link. (I know it sounds silly, but my live testers are getting the download email in spam).

    My issue is that the link being sent out ends up being an empty mp3. I know the link is working when I check it directly. I’m guessing this is my error in set up. Suggestions?

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