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    Installed fine and set up new form just fine.

    Everything works except NO eMail is sent to me, the administrator of my website. I’ve set up eMail addresses everywhere I can find – maybe there is a secret one that requires $10 to find?

    All that work for nothing both me and the author of this plug-in.

    More testing is needed……….

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  • Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    Some server setups need extra configuration. Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try.

    Your plugin sends eMail to the person filling out the form.

    But not to me, the Admin – I get no notice in eMail that a form was filled out and who doesn’t check their spam folder?

    I like what your plug-in is trying to do but you have a real eMail problem.

    I installed your plugin on 4 websites, all running the latest WP and 1 works correctly by sending me, the admin, eMails, and 3 do not.

    Eventually the 1 website stopped sending an eMail to the admin.

    However, all 4 sent eMails to the person filling out the form with the correct information.

    So I suggest you handle the admin eMail the same way you do to the person filling out the form.

    Until then I can’t use your plugin and my rating stays at 1 star since I can’t rate it any lower………..

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    The plugin can send the form results to as many emails as you’d like.

    Go to Form Settings > Email and add the emails to the Email(s) To option. In your case, this is where your admin email would go. The Notification section will let you send a copy of the results to the user. Here is a tutorial on configuring the email details.

    What hosting are you using?

    Sadly that doesn’t work on my 4 websites.

    You may not want to believe me but your plug-in has a horrible bug with eMails.

    The form ALWAYS sends a copy of the form to the person filling out the form, (I ask for an eMail address and tell the form to send a copy there) but it WILL NOT send notification to any number of folks you at the location you describe.

    Don’t believe me if you want but I’m giving up on your plugin and moving on to something that works.

    Try to listen to you customers for a change………

    That is true, there is a bug sending the email to the Admin

    Otherwise, the confirmation Email to user works fine

    I don’t use this plug-in because the author doesn’t listen to his users.

    But I believe Turdin even if the author doesn’t……………

    I got the Pro Version, the bug stills.

    I’m waiting a solution from author asap, i’m not using this feature now, but next week when sites go live i’ll need this.


    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    I don’t use this plug-in because the author doesn’t listen to his users.

    If you look through this support forum, you’d know that wasn’t true. You weren’t interested in my support.

    That is true, there is a bug sending the email to the Admin

    Turdin, you should check your email logs. Some hosts will block emails going to the same domain. Here is something I found on StackOverflow that might help.

    Both was sending to ****, but the “Send to admin” IS NOT WORKING, NOT MY HOST PROBLEM, but the “Send Confirmation Email to User” is OK, even using the same email that i tried on “send to admin”.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    Who’s your host?


    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    Found this on their blog. Like I said, a From email originating on your domain is necessary. But it also looks like they require the reply-to header, which I took out. Easily enough added back in and it might solve the issues on your host.

    Matthew, everything is ok with my setup on server.

    Like i said, the bug is in “Visual Form Builder”, the email IS sent to the user that filled the form, but not to the admin.

    You can try it here:

    After submit you’ll receive the form on your email, but i’ll not receive the admin email on mine.


    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    If you can prove to me that it’s a bug in the code, then I’ll be happy to update it.

    I am running the plugin on several different servers and have no problems delivering the email.

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