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[Resolved] no email notifications aret generated woocommerce

  • When customer places a new order & completes payment via Paypal, no email notifications are generated for either the customer order confirmation or a new order notification to the site admin email. It was working when the site was completed 3-4 months ago. http://luciusmcdowellministries.com

    I have researched for several hours today and found nothing that is helpful. Found (https://github.com/woothemes/woocommerce/issues/446) that the PayPal IPN was failing but I am getting notifications from paypal when payment is paid. Another said there could be an issue with the .htacess file. Not so, checked with hosting company. Again everything worked fine when we first started out. Currently using latest wordpress and woocommerce plugin.

    It would be great of this area was searchable instead of having to read through numbers of pages. The answer maybe here somewhere.

    Can anyone give specific help to correct this issue?

    thank you


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  • esmi
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    I am not connected to Woocommerce in any way but I do help with the development & support of another ecommerce plugin that can use PayPal. Recently, PayPal finally hinted (admitted) that they’d had an issue (possibly relating to IPN) at their end for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Right now, this renders all PayPal sandbox accounts useless and has been reported to be affecting some live sites with exactly the symptoms you describe. At the present time, there is no idea of how or when the issue will be fixed by PayPal.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for responding, but no it didn’t help. Are you saying this is a paypal issue and I should take it up with them? What should I do in the meantime to help my client?

    Thanks again..

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    Are you saying this is a paypal issue

    Yes. we have exactly the same problem being reported with some sites using eShop – our ecommerce plugin – and we’ve traced this back to PayPal. We’ve been monitoring the PayPal forums over the past 2 weeks or so (initially because the PayPal sandboxes were failing) and have only just started to see hints from PayPal that – yes – they might have an IPN problem at their end.

    What should I do in the meantime to help my client?

    If possible, switch to another gateway temporarily until this is resolved by PayPal. Otherwise, it’s just a case waiting. Not ideal, I agree but we have a few users in exactly the same position and nothing we have tried has helped them. Ultimately, it’s beyond the control of the plugin. 🙁

    Ok that’s all we can do now then. Will investigate some other gateways.

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    It might be worth monitoring the PayPal developer’s forum in the meantime. Good luck.

    will do.

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