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  • Igor Bykov



    While the description states that plug-in is able to send data from WooCommerce to CRM, I’ve (and seems like a lot of people apart from me as well) didn’t find any way to connect the plug-in to CRM.

    Judging by the source code of the plug-in, what is missing is something that would call “processing_woocommerce” function on an order.

    Could you please clarify how exactly it’s supposed to work & whether the plug-in is maintained at all?

    Best regards,

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  • ingri


    Plugin integrates chat, CRM-forms, callback:

    You can try:

    If you use popular any WordPress ecommerce engine to run your online store, this plugin can automatically
    send online orders to your CRM. Simply go to plugin settings and do the following:
    1) Enable CRM connector.
    2) Insert connector URL. You can get the URL inside Bitrix24 CRM.
    3) Select default currently for your online store. Otherwise the currency will be determined automatically.

    You need to know about incoming webhook:

    Thread Starter Igor Bykov


    Hello @ingri,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I’ve read the instructions.

    We have WooCommerce & the set-up of bitrix plug-in is the one explained below:

    CRM connector:

    Connector URL:


    We don’t use the chat or forms, so these fields have default settings.

    Nevertheless, when a new order is placed nothing happens, the data doesn’t pass to CRM.

    Also in settings of my webhook I can see that it was never used and “last access time” is “never”.

    Best regards,

    Thread Starter Igor Bykov


    Could someone please reply whether the settings mentioned above are the correct ones?

    In case if “yes”, why the plug-in doesn’t work still?

    Best regards,

    Thread Starter Igor Bykov


    Ok, just in case someone will need it:

    The set-up I posted here is correct, however, the plug-in didn’t work anyway.

    The reason is that in the file called “bitrix24_forms.php” a function called “check_content” was checking for
    to be set (in hope of getting order id from UTMs I guess).

    The problem is that
    will always be unset, so the function will never work. One needs to re-write it as
    in order to make it working.

    Once it’s re-written to
    it should start working (unless you have a customised thank-you page. In this case you’d also need to change
    strpos($content, '[woocommerce_checkout]') !== false

    What this integration actually does is creating a new contact on each purchase which is slightly rare since there’s a module called ‘leads’ & also module called ‘deals’.

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