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    As soon as play is pressed on a video there is no buffer download progress shown, instead the whole bar lights up as if it has already downloaded the entire video, which it hasn’t. Easy to test this, just press play then move the player slider to near the end of the video and it will pause while downloading that section, which it shouldn’t if it were in fact completely buffered as it says it is. I have come across this problem before but forget what the fix is.

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  • Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    Can you post a link to an example of this in action? Without seeing it I can only guess, but you probably have the moov atom at the end of your video file.

    No the moov atom is in the right place. I am using mp4box for this. I will try to get you a screenshot asap but in the meantime you can test it yourself by placing multiple videos on one page. If there is only one video on a wordpress page then it works correctly showing the progress buffering. I have done work with html5 video before and come across this and know there is a fix as I have been able to do it but right now I forget what I actually did. If I remember i will let you know or hopefully you can work it out yourself easily enough 😉

    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    A screenshot won’t help me. In order to help I need to look at a live web page.

    This page with three videos on it doesn’t do what you’re describing in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on my Macbook Pro. How does it look on your computer?


    I’ve the same problem on this page :
    If you look at the second video on the page, you can see that the video doesn’t start until the complete video has been downloaded.

    Is there a way to change this ?

    I’d like it to work like the first video : start 1-2 sec max after that the user has clicked…

    Thank you for your help !

    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    The second video has the moov atom at the end of the file. The first one has it in the beginning. The video player doesn’t know how to play the file until it gets to the moov atom so it waits until the file is fully downloaded. You’ll need to re-encode the 2nd video in a way that prepares it for progressive download. I don’t know what you’re using to make your videos so I can’t give you specific instructions.

    Thank you for your rapid answer Kyle !

    I’m using Sony Vegas. Do you know what I should use to place the moov atom at the beginning of the video ?

    Thank you !

    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    It’s possible Vegas doesn’t have an option for progressive download. If you’re running Windows you could try MP4 Faststart

    Thanks a lot, I think it’s working now 🙂

    Your video is still not loading.
    Try –
    It has faststart.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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