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    I accidentally discovered that the contact form was not working, unfortunately I dont know for how long (after some update?).
    A while back, I had the same issue & contacted support and the issue was resolved. At that time, I reversed the settings for the target email being used to “The user’s email address:” Only the email copy was being sent to spam, but not to target address.

    Today after reversing settings to “Use this email address:”, which did not work b4 I last contacted support ,.. the email arrived at correct target mail (not spam) like expected.

    In the process of dealing with this. I noted this warning:

    Deprecated shortcode [contact_form] from the Contact Form by BestWebSoft plugin is used on your site. Please replace it with [bestwebsoft_contact_form]. If you close this message it’ll appear again after deprecated shortcode reuse.

    I have replaced the deprecated code [contact_form] with [bestwebsoft_contact_form] but still have the warning, in spite of copy & paste!

    What could be up?


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  • Plugin Author bestwebsoft



    Please follow the instructions below:

    1) Check the plugin settings => ‘What to use?’ => change the lines from wp-mail to mail and vice versa.

    2) Email messages can be marked as spam on the server.
    Choose another email instead of the admin’s one (‘Use this email:’ block) – for example, gmail or similar. Try to specify your email – for example, gmail or similar in The email address settings in the ‘From’ field instead of User email. If the message is sent, it means that email filtering is set on your server.

    3) Install an extra plugin SMTP by BestWebSoft (, and then configure it accordingly. When done, open the “Send A Test Email” tab on the plugin settings page, check an option “Display log” and send a test email. Then examine the plugin log for any errors after a test email is sent. If some errors occurred, you need to fix them. Please note that it is necessary to set SMTP by BestWebSoft the same way your contact form is set before sending a message.

    BestWebSoft Support Team

    Hi, I have also the problem with the Deprecated shortcode warning. Changed the shortcode to [bestwebsoft_contact_form], but it will display again on the next day or login. I use the form only one time. Couldn’t find a page, where the shortcode probably also used.

    Is this a bug of the Plugin? Can you display, where the Plugin finds the shortcode? This would be helpful.

    I have no problems with sending emails. Works with both settings as you describe in 1).


    Is it possible, that the search for Deprecated shortcode looks into Revisions? I search for contact_form in database and found it in an revision.


    Plugin Author bestwebsoft



    Can you display, where the Plugin finds the shortcode?
    Unfortunately, we can’t. Maybe we’ll add the necessary changes in future.

    Is it possible, that the search for Deprecated shortcode looks into Revisions?
    The plugin doesn’t search for Deprecated shortcode into database. Please try to close the message, click “x” in the upper right corner of the screen, it shouldn’t appear again. If it appears again, it means that somebody visited the page which uses this shortcode.

    This is how you can find pages with deprecated shortcode:
    1) Go to the plugin settings page;
    2) Open “Custom Code” tab;
    3) Mark “Activate” option in the “Editing bws-custom-code.php section;
    4) Add the following code:

    function get_posts_with_deprecated_shortcode() {
      global $wpdb;
      $posts = $wpdb->get_col( "SELECT <code>post_title</code> FROM <code>{$wpdb->posts}</code> WHERE <code>post_content</code> LIKE '%[contact_form]%' AND <code>post_type</code><>'revision'" );
      echo '<div style="margin: 50px;">Search results:<br>';
        if ( ! empty( $posts ) )
          echo implode( '<br>', $posts );
           echo 'Nothing found';
      echo '</div>';
    add_action( 'init', 'get_posts_with_deprecated_shortcode', 20 );

    5) Save changes.
    6) Open some page in the front end. If some pages are detected, you’ll see the block with the list of posts titles (something like It is necessary to open each of these posts in the edit mode and replace the shortcode with [bestwebsoft_contact_form].
    7) When done, please REMOVE the code added into bws-custom-code.php section, even if nothing is found.

    BestWebSoft Support Team

    I used phpMyAdmin Search to remove or update all references to the outdated shortcode [contact_form]. I added the custom code you provided, activated it and saved the changes. I refreshed my web site and visited each of the four pages. Nothing was detected. I still see the warning about outdated shortcode. I strongly suspect the warning is generated by a bug. Can you please confirm?

    For reasons unrelated to the contact form extension, I elected to delete and re-upload my WordPress site. In the new install, the contact form error message was suppressed.

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