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    Seems like you have a neat idea but no traction, not even YouTube video or documentation on how to use it?

    Come on now! show the thing off like you mean it. Or do you want to be like the other digital signage plugin that came and went?

    Please send links to documentation or Youtube videos if you have any.


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    Actually ignore my last questions it’s no use:
    Just to give you some insight from someone who’s been selling digital signage for years, so here is some constructive criticism;

    1. Your demo plugin is not usable without license.
    2. Your pricing model is way off for WordPress and resellers of digital signage.
    -Advise, why not offer a yearly license for resellers. Unless you’d rathe wait for retailers to come to you. Good luck with that one, everyone has a smart TV that already does some level of signage.
    3. Your plugin is dependent on other slider and function no different than Chromecast in my view. It also need some technical expertise with WordPress for retailers who has to go learn from a product who has no documentation or video’s etc, learn to use another slider product etc. Retailer will just go buy a smart TV.

    Why the will come to resellers? because we offer content creation and support.

    ‘Obliviously’, you haven’t thought this thru, I can go on and on.

    Really, I’ve wasted my time trying to test your plugin and possibly writing this review. But I understand their obviously some motivation and passion that went into your product and its not my intention to do kill that in anyway. Try iterating the product and listen to users feedback. best of luck!


    Plugin Author wpscreens


    Hi Vishan,

    Thank you for your candid feedback with plenty of food for thought.
    In terms of price, there is no revenue model for resellers, a discount on the very low price is simply not interesting enough for resellers. Offering a white label and delivering multiple screens to various customers is, however, very interesting.
    We now offer this to various customers ourselves, but a smart reseller could also set up a multisite environment and sell the service as a subscription.

    Our plugin excels in simplicity and there will be more application possibilities. Thank you for your feedback, it helps us!

    With best regards,

    Erik Luten

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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