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  • I loaded MonsterInsights Google Analytics onto my site about a week ago. I added a filter so that I don’t see my own visits. But it doesn’t show any traffic at all. My site is new so I haven’t had many visitors but I know that a few folks have come as I have a few comments. Also, the Jetpack site stats show some visits. AND the Google Analytics property shows hits.

    I tried reauthenticating this morning and that made no difference.

    Any ideas what might be the problem or what I can try?

    Thanks in advance!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Addition: Google Analytics did record one hit back on 11/29 so it must have been working then?

    Addition: I just removed the filter for me and the Real Time view does not reflect that I am visiting the site.

    Thanks again!

    Addition: After removing the filter, Real Time does show when I click on pages of the site via Chrome (it shows 1 user and the pages as I click on different ones). But when I click through to the site in Firefox, Real Time does not show a visitor.

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    Hi there,
    MonsterInsights and the Google Analytics reporting days are the same data. MonsterInsights sends the visit data to GA and then pulls it back from GA to make the reports.

    MonsterInsights is also programmed not to track logged in site administrators to prevent skewing of GA data. If you’re trying to test tracking, you’ll need to do so in the incognito/private browsing mode.


    Thanks, Chris.

    Any idea why is Google Analytics (and thereby Monsterinsights) not reporting any visits to the site via Firefox but is for Chrome?

    I used the Real Time view of Google Analytics to see if it COULD pick up visits…and it does from Chrome but not from Firefox.

    And none of the visits that are reported in JetPack stats from the past week are appearing in Google Analytics (and thereby Monsterinsights).

    I’m not sure that GoogleAnalytics is reporting visits accurately.

    Thanks again.

    I’m having the same problem. Though, of course, I don’t know if it’s for the same reason, so I’ll post here instead of a new thread.

    I already had a Google Analytics account. I installed Monsterinsights and linked to Google. I confirm that the appropriate tracking ID is on the settings page.

    One thing that might be different for me is that I previously had my page hosted on Blooger. Then re-set up on a WordPress page a week ago.

    Similar to the OP, my traffic is low, but according to Jetpack, there were >100 page views yesterday, however, none are showing in Google Analytics or in Monsterinsights.

    When I go to Google Analytics and “Send Test Traffic”, I get the response “1 active users right now (including 1 from test traffic).”.

    Of note, on the Google Analytics page, there is data UP TO the time that I took the page down from Blooger; so no data for past week. That data is even shown in Monsterinsights.

    I’ve tried Googling some answers, sorry this isn’t something I know about, but I do want some basic traffic info that GA provides. Any ideas?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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