• Resolved rivermobstermedia


    Tried everything…

    With the API codes in Place…

    With API and verification codes in place…

    With no codes in place…

    Disabled WP Security completely…

    With WP Security in place..

    Trying to make it work with SmugMug. No go.

    What should I try next??

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Sayontan


    Why not start by specifying the shortcode you are trying to use? Or, if you haven’t got to the stage of the shortcode, where is it exactly that you are seeing the error?

    The page you have linked is no help – it has no occurrence of a shortcode.

    Was using the Add/Edit Photonic Gallery function.

    Classic editor and Page Builder.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    What user name are you using? Make sure you are using just the user name, not the whole URL for your SmugMug page.

    This is the account I would like to import if that helps…


    Plugin Author Sayontan


    So, have you specified markmclaughlin as the user name? Specifying https://markmclaughlin.smugmug.com/ would not work.

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    Checking with just the user name…

    Ok, no error message now!!!

    So should I put back all the API and verification codes??

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    No, that is not needed unless you are dealing with private albums. Photonic will work out of the box for regular SmugMug albums.


    So question…

    In his account, he has everything broken down by “galleries”.

    Would that be an album or a folder in your drop down list??

    Thanks so much for the timely help!!!

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    SmugMug in itself has no concept of a “gallery”, but from what I can see is that what he calls a gallery is actually an album.

    Lemme give that a shot…

    Trying to figure out how to show JUST gallery cover image, so someone can view that gallery on his site. Is that possible?

    Only galleries with SCSC in the title. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    Trying to figure out how to show JUST gallery cover image, so someone can view that gallery on his site. Is that possible?

    Nope. Photonic is designed to keep visitors on your site to the extent possible. You can get Photonic to show a single thumbnail for each album for all albums at the same time, but clicking on an album will simply show the photos for that album on your site rather than SmugMug.

    Photonic’s documentation is very detailed and lists out examples of how how things are managed. You will find examples in the SmugMug albums documentation page.

    I’m figuring that out…

    This is a very powerful plug-in.

    Thank you for building it!

    I’ll get to reading. Thanks for fixing my mistake!!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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