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  • I am constantly (on and off) getting the “no data received” error while logged in wordpress. It has been going on for 4 days now and it’s making it hard to do my work.

    What is causing this and when will it be fixed?

    My site is

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  • Have you asked your hosting company about this? Off and On errors are often server related.

    I just submitted a ticket to them this morning and waiting to hear back. I hope they can fix it because I have not been able to log in to my site for the past hour or so, and (on my end) I can’t even view my site but others can, odd.

    I can’t even view my site but others can, odd

    You could also try clearing your browser cache and cookies, tried another browser, tried another internet connection, restarted your modem and router and cleared the DNS on your computer?

    It is doing it in all my browsers. I cleared cache and cookies and restarted my modem, my site came back up for about 2 seconds then back down. How do you empty DNS on windows 8?

    Sounds like a local issue :/

    How do you empty DNS on windows 8?

    Sorry I don’t know – but I’m sure Google can help you with that :).

    Well I found out how to empty it and done it. I then rebooted and then my site worked fine for a couple of minutes, I am not getting the same error, now I am getting “google chrome can not connect to my url” and that is happening in both browsers. I do not know what to do now 🙁

    Forget it, I am now getting the no data received error again. I guess I will wait on my hosting company to reply 🙁

    I have tried everything that people are telling me to do and nothing is working. It hasn’t been down as much today but it does go down for abot 5-15 min every hour it seems.

    It’s not my host, not my internet, not the plugins (turned them off and checked), no virus on computer, no virus on my blog.

    The only thing it can be is WordPress is having issues because so many people are having this problem.

    Also, this is happening in all browsers, so it’s not that either.

    because so many people are having this problem.

    WordPress is used by millions of people – and only a relative few have this kind of problem and it’s almost always a hosting/sever issue with that kind of error message. If you do a search of these forums, there are MANY people on the same host as you who have problems like this.

    That said, it’s possible there is something going on with your site that might be causing problems. So the standard troubleshooting steps are to deactivate ALL plugins and switch to the twentytwelve theme.

    I read that most are in UK and using Talk Talk…I’m in the USA!
    Are there lots of folks in USA having trouble too?

    That whole TalkTalk problem involves WordPress.COM hosted sites – which yours is not. and

    Well I have already deactivated all plugins and it still happened. Why do I have to switch themes if its my host?
    I talked to my hosting company yesterday and they said there were no issues.

    LOL – you were insisting it wasn’t your host and that it must be WP…that’s the only reason I started down the path of troubleshooting your own site. It IS possible that something on your site is causing problems – unfortunately there is no quick and easy way to figure out things like this.

    So it’s up to you whether you want to go back to GoDaddy or continue trying things to see if we can find or eliminate possible causes on your end.

    I’m having the exact same issue. Hosting service says there’s no problem, ISP can’t find anything wrong, and I’m experiencing this on my home PC and my chromebook. I’ve tried deleting cache, browsing history, cookies, etc. I also deactivated plugins with no success. This has been happening intermittently for about a week. Very frustrating and I’m glad others are complaining about the same issue. I hope someone can figure out the solution.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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