• Great plugin, nice GUI, but:
    For two major versions (13 and 14), it does not display any data for static homepages – even with the paid plus version.
    Support confirmed this problem, stating: “we will take your report into consideration for our future updates.” The question remains: How many more major versions will it take to fix such crucial bug?
    What a waste of money – at least in my case using static homepages in 3 different languages.

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  • Reza


    Hello @miglosh,

    I hope everything’s going well on your end! First off, I want to apologize for any hassle you encountered while using WP Statistics.

    Honestly, working out and fixing some of the reported issues can be a bit of a puzzle. It often involves digging into our coding structure and sometimes even reshaping parts of our databases. So, you can imagine, it’s a bit like untangling a web. On the bright side, our talented developers managed to crack this issue a while back. That means you won’t bump into this particular problem in the current version of WP Statistics.

    To put your mind at ease, please double-check that you’ve got the latest and greatest version of WP Statistics installed. Once you’ve got that covered, give it a spin and see how it performs. I’m pretty confident you’ll notice the problem has been put to rest.

    Big thanks for your patience and understanding. We’re here to make your experience as smooth as possible!

    Take care and talk soon!

    Best regards,

    Thread Starter Stefan Froehlich


    Hello @reventon94,

    thanks for your message.
    Unfortunately, this is not true.

    Being a theme and plugin developer myself for many years, I know this is not exactly a cryptic bug (and even one other user in this forum debugged the underlying query and found the bug).

    And no: nothing changed in the current version.
    Whenever you edit a page marked as front page, you will see WP Statistics’ widget saying:

    Hit Statististics
    – No data to display.

    And honestly: that sucks…

    So I cancelled the “Data Plus” subscription. Waste of money.

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