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  • I have changed the admin password and email so that I can have full control mistakenly thinking this would produce access to the dashboard, plugins and other tools. But no, nothing there.
    So I decided to see if an upgrade of WordPress would restore the standard buttons I had expected to see.
    I got a message to say that it couldn’t upgrade because the server is running PHP Version 4.4.4-8+etch6

    Now I’m confused. I thought the server had PHP5 – so I decided to install it on my pc (using Xampp) but I just got a message to say that wp was already installed.

    Is this a problem with the theme (not being able to install new plugins etc) or would it be a corrupt installation?

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  • Are you concerned about your local installation or your live installation?

    It sounds to me like the live installation is broken and you are not going to be able to upgrade due to the PHP limitation. You should be able to fix it though.

    Apparently you have installed WP locally already. Go to http://localhost:8080 or just http://localhost. Hopefully you will see a WP install.

    I copied the files from the server to my pc and edited the config.php file to read my local database. But there must be something else I’ve missed because it switches to the live server when I login.

    I really want to get the live site sorted, but was trying to put in on local so that I could fiddle with it.

    This is so frustrating!

    This is so frustrating!

    Yeah, I know. I can do this stuff all day long but put me under a car with a wrench or in front of a tax form or, you know, in most circumstances where I have to talk to people, and I’m a complete wreck. 🙂

    Let’s just forget about the local install and worry about the live one that really matters to you.

    What is your URL?

    In the meantime, see if your host would be willing to put you on a server running PHP 5. It can’t hurt to try.

    php5 – my host said the web designer had failed to include a line in the htaccess file – he fixed that and it now knows it is using php5.

    I eventually found the culprit – in the plugins folder was a folder called lesser-admin and inside that a file which indicated it reduced the list of menus available. I deleted the code out of that file and login in again. Thankfully, all the links showed up and I was able to go into the plugins and deactivate lesser-admin and then DELETE it. What a relief!

    If the web designer had co-operated and made the changes I needed …..

    Now I have to try to figure out how he’s done the templates. I want slider/image section at the top only to show on the home page. There seem to be a lot of files and if I create a post there is a long list of templates – but they all seem to do exactly the same.

    I suppose I’m now in the wrong section to ask about themes and templates.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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