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  • Hi!

    I updated wordpress for my website and now I cannot see the left side editing menu in my dashboard. You know the one that lets you edit your plugins, themes, categories…the lot?

    I tried manually deactivating my plugins by going to my FTP and renaming my plugins folder

    I tried installing different themes to jump start it back

    It´s really difficult to edit my webiste without that left sidebar that allows me full control and access


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  • Is it completely gone (no dark gray strip at all) or just mostly gone and showing only icons?

    If totally gone, there may have been a glitch when you updated WordPress. Download a fresh version of WordPress, then try re-uploading the files in the root, /wp-admin, and wp-includes via FTP. Be sure you don’t overwrite wp-config.php (make a backup!).

    It’s completely gone. I can’t see anything but the top bar that let’s me go back to my site or my profile.

    Im going to try that. Any other “less extreme” solutions I can try before?

    Re-uploading the core WordPress files has become my default fix for weirdness in the control panel post-upgrading. As you’ve already gone the change-themes and disable-plugins route I think it’s the logical next step. Hoping it works! 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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