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  • “Installed this morning and the dashboard has completely disappeared.
    I have the side pop-out elements, but the new dashboard has gone!”

    Seems this issue is a plugin conflict with a content filter turned on. I hope they can both work to fixing it totally.

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  • Plugin Author Albert Juhé Lluveras


    Hi @robword, thanks for testing WooCommerce Admin. Could you give us some more information in order to help us diagnose the issue?

    – Which version of WordPress, WooCommerce and WooCommerce Admin have you installed?

    – Which browser and version do you use?

    – What do you see exactly? Just an empty blank page or is there any error?

    Thank you in advance!

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    – I have the latest of all those listed.

    – I use Safari Version 12.1.1 (14607.

    – Just a blank screen. If I turn off WPSSO plugin the stats screen appears.



    Plugin Author Albert Juhé Lluveras


    Thanks for the details @robword. I have been trying to reproduce the issue with no luck yet. Are you using some Complementary Add-ons for WPSSO?

    Not that I can see.
    I have the Pro version of the WPSSO and WPSSO Update Manager
    I can send the full plugin list if you want, but as I said the issue resolves if I deactivate the WPSSO plugin.


    @aljullu I am the author of WPSSO Core and its add-ons. In a related support thread (, it was determined that WPSSO’s use of ‘the_content’ filter created the problem observed. If WPSSO does not apply ‘the_content’ filter, the bug is not triggered. This is not an uncommon problem, as many developers do not know the difference between filters/actions, or that ‘the_content’ filter can be applied in a variety of situations — not just in a loop, on the front-end, for the content text. This is why in the WPSSO Core Pro version there is an option to enable the use of ‘the_content’ filter (it is disabled by default).

    See here for more info:

    You can enable/disable WPSSO’s use of ‘the_content’ filter using the ‘wpsso_can_filter_the_content’ filter (simply return true or false).

    FYI – On my own suite of test servers, I cannot reproduce the problem. This would indicate that a bug within a theme/plugin ‘the_content’ filter hook unique to @robword’s site is being triggered when WPSSO uses ‘the_content’ filter.


    Great. Thanks for that. Not being a programmer or code expert, I am baffled to understand why it occurs and not on others. I could switch on and off the plugins in sequence to see if there is a combination that cause this, but apart from that I don’t know what I can personally can do, as I have no expertise in these matters.

    If you cannot determine the theme/plugin at fault, then I would leave the SSO > Advanced > Content and Filters > Use WordPress Content Filters option unchecked.


    So, I disable the SSO > Advanced > Content and Filters > Use WordPress Content Filters option, and the dashboard returns, but now, there is no statistics present, even though I had a sale last week, for example.

    Any clues?


    Plugin Author Albert Juhé Lluveras


    @jsmoriss, thanks for dropping in and for the detailed explanation.

    @robword you might need to go to _Analytics_ > _Settings_ and start the import tool again. Let us know if that works.

    Where is this _Analytics_ ?

    Found it!

    Plugin Author Albert Juhé Lluveras


    @robword great! 🙂

    Are the reports populated with data, now?

    Yes. I turned off the filter and they came straight back.

    Plugin Author Jeff Stieler


    I’m glad to hear the issue seems resolved for you @robword. Please consider revising your review as you further evaluate WooCommerce Admin. Thank you!

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