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  • I am running the plugin on a Japanese Multisite installation.
    With the site running in Japanese, when trying to clone a site, you are not able to enter a ‘-‘ (dash) character in the name / url parameter.
    When the platform is configured to run in English, I can enter the ‘-‘ without issue.

    It’s not the end of the world to have to switch the blog to English to do the clone, and then switch it back, but it would be more convenient to be able to use the ‘-‘ in the url/name.

    I couldn’t see this as raised previously so would be great to hear feedback if this is a known issue / there for good reason or if it’s a bug that could perhaps be resolved.

    Many thanks


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  • Hi NS,

    Thanks for your reply. I want to update you on the general setup and also add some screen shots for you as perhaps there are some more layers that are in play.

    1. The site is a network running in sub-folder mode. (Not sub-domain).
    2. I’m also running on a local installation and seeing the same issues. (Local version is (4.7.7)
    3. The network is set to default Japanese language.
    4. The clone site is also set to Japanese.
    5. The installation is running on mysql 5.6.30 and the DB is utf8mb4

    When I enter the blog name with a dash in it, the following message appears:
    サイト名には半角英字の小文字 (a-z) と半角数字のみを含められます。
    (Google translate:
    The site name can contain lowercase letters (a – z) and half – width numbers only. )

    I haven’t yet tried the filter code you’ve linked to and will do so, but wanted to show the error and how it’s manifesting itself in my case.

    Thanks. Your prompt reply and support is really appreciated and commendable.


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