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  • After searching all over the internet…
    and yet this so call “Smart Manager” is not as smart as it seem….

    it does not seem come with custom order export with custom WP tags.

    So, can this “Smart Manager” do the following?!?!?
    CSV example:
    warehouse_id, address1, address2, name1, name2, sku, quantity, sku, quantity, sku, quantity….
    XXX, streetXXX, XX,mark,mark, 123, 1, 321, 2, 231, 3
    XXY, streetXXY, XY,marka,marka, 321, 1, 213, 2, 123, 3

    Would be great if it come with this feature to set our own export format!

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  • Plugin Author Ratnakar


    No, currently it’s not possible with Smart Manager & also Smart Manager is not customizable, i.e. you can’t add/remove columns.

    Thank you for your suggestion, we may consider it in future.

    Would actually be worth it if it come with this function…

    does it export order all on a single line?
    i mean single order on a single line.

    Plugin Author Ratnakar


    Yes, it will export one order on one line

    no, i mean one order per line.

    10 order, 10 line.
    product align sku and quantity no.

    Plugin Author Ratnakar


    Do you mean to say each order items in one line.

    For e.g. There is one order with more order items & you want each order item in one line, i.e. 10 order item in 10 line? If this is the case, it’s not possible with Smart Manager

    no i mean 1 order per line with all the order item, align as such:

    Add1, Add2, SKU1, Quantity1, SKU2, Quantity2 etc….

    all the way if they have 100 order items.

    Plugin Author Ratnakar


    Okay, you mean to say each order item’s attribute in separate column

    like: order_item_1, order_item_2, SKU_1, Quantity_1, SKU_2, Quantity_2 & so on…

    It will not be possible. Don’t you think this may disturb alignment of columns. Consider of 2 orders – one order having 2 order items & another having 6 order items, will it look good & what if there are other columns which are situated after order items column?

    that is the thing, it fill all the way.

    if the second has 6 order, it fill up all the way to sku6, quantity6.

    the first order will be empty after sku2, quantity2.

    it is suppose to be able to handle more then 100 sku.

    wonder if this will be put in.

    no, we do not care about looking good, as it will be read by a software.

    Plugin Author Ratnakar


    Okay we may consider it in future, but can’t assure you on time as we’ve other features in lineup.

    Thank you for your suggestion

    It will be great if user get to export selected tags.

    like if i do not want their phone number or order id.

    but still be able to export order with it’s current default settings.

    Plugin Author Ratnakar


    Yeah, this is also in our consideration (exporting only selected columns)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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