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No CSS in dashboard after 2.5 upgrade

  • hi guys, i just upgraded my blog (www.hardrockblog.it) to WP2.5 and everything went fine. But the dashboard has no style, like there’s no css. the same happens with an external theme (like Fluency Admin). I also tried disabling all plugins. im using ubuntu linux and im experiencing the problem with firefox, opera & epiphany.
    Someone can help me?

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  • Hi. I’ve got the same issue (no css style being applied to admin screens) from a fresh install of WP 2.5

    Did you get it sorted in the end? Is it a config thing? Thanks, Mike

    Hi, I got this issue too with WP 2.5.1. Not only the dashboard, but all of the site seems like no style.

    I checked the source code and found there is a strange “?step=2” behind the domain, so it looks like this:

    Anyone knows what’s this and how to solve it?

    i didn’t find any solution, i had to start with a new installation and import old posts

    Hmmm, my problem is happening on a fresh install. I’ve never used WP before but heard it was great so thought I’d give it a try. Its not working out too well at the moment though … I’ve done 4 installs 2 with 2.5 and 2 with 2.5.1 all with the same result. Any further thoughts would be really helpful guys 🙂

    OK – Problem solved. Just did a fresh install of 2.3.3 and it all worked fine. Obviously more stable than the newer versions. Thanks anyway guys.

    Has this been fixed yet???? I installed 2.5 and there’s no CSS for the website or admin. This is a huge issue and a let down. Please shed some light.


    Ok I came across the same problem, fresh install of 2.5.1, was missing styles from all the pages.
    Whether this works for everyone or not I don’t know, certainly fixed it for me.

    Logged into the admin section by going to http://sitename/wp-login

    Then I clicked on settings.
    Then I noticed that the ?step=2 was present on the end of my wordpress address (URL) and Blog address (URL), I simply deleted it and clicked save.

    Then when the page refreshed the style was there and all problems solved.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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