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  • Plugin Author James Koster



    This is by design. The plugin is kept lean so you can marry it up to your theme easily.

    Should only take a few lines of CSS to add columns etc.


    By design?

    And how would one go about doing that? Could you give an example of the CSS?

    Plugin Author James Koster


    Just add the CSS to your child theme.

    Something like;

    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-2,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-3,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-4,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-5,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-6 {
      overflow: hidden;
      zoom: 1;
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-2 .team-member,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-3 .team-member,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-4 .team-member,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-5 .team-member,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-6 .team-member {
      float: left;
      margin-right: 3.8%;
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-2 .team-member.first,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-3 .team-member.first,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-4 .team-member.first,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-5 .team-member.first,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-6 .team-member.first {
      clear: both;
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-2 .team-member.last,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-3 .team-member.last,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-4 .team-member.last,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-5 .team-member.last,
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-6 .team-member.last {
      margin-right: 0;
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-2 .team-member {
      width: 48%;
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-3 .team-member {
      width: 30.75%;
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-4 .team-member {
      width: 22.05%;
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-5 .team-member {
      width: 16.9%;
    .widget_woothemes_our_team .columns-6 .team-member {
      width: 13.5%;
    Plugin Author James Koster


    marking as resolved.

    Hey great plugin exactly what I was looking for! Mainly for the four col layout so I wanted to confirm where do I paste the code above stylesheet.css or functions etc? Any help would be super appreciated for a newbie cheers!


    I added the example css code above to my custom.css file (One Pager), and I added the following shortcode to a text widget, [woothemes_our_team limit="20" size="120" per_row="3"]. The team profiles appear, but only 1 per row.

    Should it work as described? Or am I missing a step?


    I’m having the same issue here, nothing is being displayed. What can I do?

    Thank you

    Same problem here..

    hey guys,

    switch to html view and enter the code [woothemes_our_team limit="20" size="120" per_row="3"]

    it will work that way


    Hi Support

    I think your plugin is exactly what I want, however I am struggling with formatting it. Ie I got the three columns, but it was showing the wrong font etc.
    Shouldn’t it automatically show the correct font when its within a page?

    I started adding specific info for .widget_woothemes_our_team, like font type, weight etc. but that means I have to repeat everything from the original style sheet for the plugin to make it look like the rest of the page? Surely that can’t be right?! Where am I going wrong here?


    Hi Support

    I sorted the formatting problem by removing the code from the visual section and pasting it into the Text (HTML) section.
    There was a bit of code left in the HTML section, which I removed in full. Now it formats correctly.


    Where is this code entered?

    [woothemes_our_team limit=”20″ size=”120″ per_row=”3″]



    Hi and thank you for the plugin.
    Using the css provided above I was able to successfully display the team members in columns, however the images get squished on mobile devices. Any thoughts on how to fix that? I’d like them to stack if possible.
    Thank you.

    Has anyone solved this problem yet? i still cant seem to put the profiles side by side, they just go down in a row.
    also james, i dont know where to put that in the css.

    Plugin Author James Koster


    The code goes in your child themes stylesheet.

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