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  • This plugin currently allows for no control over the capability of the user who gets access to redirection. This could be easily remedied by changing the third argument line 118 on redirection.php to the following:


    This would allow developers to add a filter for the “redirection_user_cap” tag and change “administrator” to some other capability without editing the core of the plugin.

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  • It looks like there are other places where that capability must be set, but still as a user of this plugin I’d love for an update to be made which gives me control.

    Looks like the other place the edit would have to be made is on line 36 of ajax.php.



    + 1 for this feature


    This little problem just robbed me of 2 hours trying to find why are my editors able to edit administrator user profiles (long story, with Admin Menu Editor in the middle).

    Anyways, dear author, please add this filter 🙂 Pretty please?



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