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[Resolved] No content loads

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  • Plugin Author ollybach



    just tried your ID, works fine ( i get 3 results). However, when having “Exclude Singles from Collections” ticked in the widget , there aren’t any results …Let me know if that is/solves the problem, otherwise , can you send me a screenshot of your widget settings as well as telling m what theme you are using



    Thank you.

    No I havent ticked that one.

    But there should be more than 3 results.
    It shoud be totally 10 tracks, divided on 5 “releases”.
    Like you can see here:

    How do i send attachments on this forum?
    Cant find any PM or attach file function.

    Im using a theme from Rocketheme: Momentum
    it uses something called gantry framework.


    Plugin Author ollybach


    fair enough. i was searching the us store and it only returns 3 results (blame i tunes) if i search the norwegian one , i get all 5 .
    so far so good.

    let me see if i can replicate the issue with your theme on a clean install. bear with me

    PS: send a screenshot to dev[at]1000db.com …that’ll get to me

    Plugin Author ollybach


    ok, i guess you are using this theme ?!:

    as its not free – and i’m not really prepared to spend 50$ just to test one thing for one minute – we can/should do 2 things

    a) in your install just briefly revert to the standard twenty12 (or twenty11 or whataver it is) and see if it still does or does not display.

    if it DOES display, its the theme that causes the problem (which is my guess anyway, but who knows)

    b)if we find out that it is the theme that causes the problem, maybe you can give me a url i can have a look at (where the widget is installed)

    my guess is as follows though: when inserting a widget somewhere, your theme does not include the actual id into the wiget element. although the plugin contains code to deal with most eventualities to insert those id’s regardless – even when the theme does not insert the id – there may still be situations where it can’t sort out/insert those missing id’s

    anyway, one step at a time.
    if i can have a look at your install somehow to start off with, we can probably find out what’s going on…

    Plugin Author ollybach



    actually, i just found a free theme based on that gantry framework from those guys at http://www.rockettheme.com and no results show up when I use that theme. so its a theme issue. i may be able to sort something out in the plugin to work around that one, may take a day or two though…just bear with me )

    having said that , the developers of those themes/frameworks/plugins might want to look into developing with debug “on”. it just throws errors left right and center…jesus </end of rant>

    Plugin Author ollybach



    there appear to have been/are 2 issues.

    a) the rocketthemes do not appear to be using wp_footer in their themes.
    as the itunes-lookup-widget by default tries to put the relevant js files there, it will not do anything if wp_footer is not present.
    Essentially, go to itunes-lookup-widget -> settings, and untick “javascript in footer”. that should solve that problem

    b) the widget didn’t work in conjunction with mootools (and possibly other frameworks) . this should now be fixed (in 0.4.1), so please update and let me know if it now all works as it should


    [marked as resolved for now]

    Thank you so much!

    I had already added wp_footer to the template. But the new release 0.4.1 really did the job! Works like a charm now!

    Thank you again for super fast support! Never experienced anything like it (thumbs up)!

    Plugin Author ollybach


    good stuff. thanks

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