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  • Hi Dave,

    Can you give me the RSS feeds you added, so I can check them to see if the bug is there?

    Any word on this? I’ve added 2 more feeds (4 total) and nothing is happening.

    I really want to get this plugin working.



    Plugin Author PressForward


    Hi, Dave,

    A little more info: Did you get a “you have added a feed” message when you added the feeds? Do you now see them in the “subscribed feeds” list? Finally, are you getting any broken feeds alerts on the “add a feed” page?

    yes, I added 4 feeds successfully and they are showing up in the subscribed feeds.

    On the Add Feeds page, it says “All Feeds are OK!”

    Plugin Author PressForward


    So they are showing up in the subscribed feeds but don’t populate the “all content” area? That’s where they should be.(I tried adding your feeds to our sandbox today, and they’re populating no problem, so it’s got to be something else.) What happens if you use the bookmarklet to nominate an item from those sites directly? (You can install the bookmarklet by just dragging it to your browser toolbar.) Do the items show up in “Under Review”?

    Now, 1 of the feeds “The Comic’s Comic” is populating in all content. The other 3 are not.

    Nominate this isn’t working at all, it just gives me a 403 Forbidden error when I click it.

    Also, is there a way to create a page that populates all of the posts we create from the different feeds?

    Plugin Author PressForward


    Nominate This will only work with specific posts, not from sites, so you might want to make sure you’re nominating a post page, not the main page of a site. If you’re already doing that, I’d suggest reinstalling the bookmarklet in your toolbar. You might also try a different browser. (And please let us know if that solves the bookmarklet problem.)

    All the posts you create will be published to your blog page. (As PressForward is not an autoblogger, you’ll have to choose, format, and publish each page individually.) If you want to create a special page that *just* publishes the posts that you’re sharing from different feeds, you’ll need to create a category archive page for those posts.

    Hi Dave,

    Has this been resolved? If not, are you running the latest (3.1.3) version of the plugin?

    Plugin Author Aram Zucker-Scharff


    No response in four months and I believe the latest patch resolves this. Marking resolved.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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