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  • I have tried installing different contact form plugins, but none work.

    Contact Form 7: “Failed to send” error. Went online and tried every solution, but nothing worked. Spoke to my hosting company (Inmotion) and they said it wasn’t even trying to communicate with their mail server.

    Jetpack Contact Form: Seems like it is sent, but nothing is ever received.

    Fast Secure Contact Form: Same as Jetpack. Looks like it is sent without any problem, but nothing is received.

    I’ve tested my email account and it works fine when getting emails from outside the site.

    I am not a developer or programmer, so a lot of the coding suggestions are just confusing me even more.

    There must be some simple configuration I’m missing. The form data just isn’t leaving the site. No attempts to contact the host are even showing up on their logs.

    Any clue as to what I’m doing wrong??

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  • esmi


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    Sounds like your hosts may have disabled PHP mail(). You could try asking them about it. In the meantime, have a look at E-mailed passwords are not being received.

    I asked them about it and they told me:

    “phpmail is running fine on the server. no known errors. it is the most common mailer that our customers use”

    It’s definitely on my end. I just don’t know where to look or how to fix it.



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    I’m sorry but with that many mail plugins failing, it would seem to be either a server issue or a local problem at your end. Can you replicate the CF7 problem using the default Twenty Fourteen theme with all other plugins deactivated?

    I agree, but it seems it is definitely on my end and not with my server.

    I have de-activated and deleted all the form plugins so they wouldn’t interact with each other each time I tried, by the way.

    I also tried the CF7 in Twenty Fourteen will all other plugins deactivated.

    Same issue. Failed to send.

    I also contacted the theme author and he assured me that CF7 should work with it.

    I’m stumped…and frustrated…

    FYI, I now have Fast Secure Contact Form activated and have been chatting with my hosting provider’s support desk for some time. In the settings for FSCF, you can send a test email to any email address.

    I sent an email to my personal account and to my domain account. Both were received.

    Only when using the form does it fail. ANY form.

    It has to be something in my settings/configurations somewhere.

    Do you think reinstalling WP would help??



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    Nope. I think it’s nothing to do with WordPress. It’s either a server issue or something at your end.

    Doesn’t seem to be server related. What do you mean by something on my end?



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    Something to do with your email client or service.

    Hmmm…never considered that. I’ll experiment. Thanks!

    I guess you were correct in terms of the PHP mail function. Even though Inmotion swears it’s all good.

    I installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin (not sure how I missed this fix earlier) and now the form is working.

    Thank you for your help and input, esmi!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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