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    I reformated my computer and lost the password to login. I have sent for a new password but no confrimation email has came to my email. Thanks for any help.

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  • Josh


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    This codex page should have everything you need:

    I can’t get into the admin panel. I just made this wp a couple weeks ago for the Marine Corps League and reformated and forgot to save the login info. I have the right email address but can’t remember the password to get into the admin panel. I used the forgot password thing on the login page and it says that I would rexeive a confirmation email but it has never came and I have done this several times. Thanks for any help.



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    Please re-read the link I posted. Many of the solutions do not require logging into the admin panel.

    You will need FTP or your hosts CPanel software to gain access to your file directories.

    Personally, I would go this route:

    (If you are not receiving the password via email, then perhaps the email wordpress is using is different from the email you are checking?)

    the league only has the one email addy. Apparently I had the password correct it is the username I need. Is there a fix for this. I am sorry to be a pain. Thanks for any help on this.


    Perform the following steps to reset the password of your WordPress user from MySQL Database :

    • Login to your MySQL Database.
    • Click your WordPress database.
    • Open wp_users.Table from Database.
    • Click on the browse icon.
    • Select User and Click edit.
    • Now you will see Long Value in front of user_pass field’s Value.
    • Select and delete these and type the new password you want to use.
    • Now click the dropdown menu of user_pass indicated below Function, and select MD5 from that.
    • Click the ‘Go’ button to the bottom right.
    • Test the new password on the login screen.


    After both atempts to recover password and the user name is right there is only one thing left. When I created the WP it used the email addy that the cPanel placed in there and since I have neveer used the email there I have no idea where to find it to retreive the email that WP apparently sent me. Guess the only option is to remove the WP and start over. Just hate to loose everything. Is it possible to do a backup through the cPanel of WP and them remove the WP and do a new instalation and them FTP the backup to the cPanel?

    Finally got iy fixed. I appreciate all the help. Pockets

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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