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    Okay, I click on the comments tab to see the comments on the site and the queue says 3 awaiting moderation yet when you click the tab…nothing there.

    Then when you click the tab that says All Comments…Nothing There!

    And yet, on the site a person can comment just fine and I can even edit their comments when I enable to plugin.

    Anyone have this happen to them or am I an oddball or are these two points not mutually exclusive?

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  • Further notes: problem continues even with all plugins disabled. Continues when pulling data in from an older version of my database too. Also continues when I disabled the htaccess files. Next: disable the php.ini files.

    interesting: recent comments show up on admin front page but not on edit-comments.php

    Tracked it down. Apparently a plugin by the name of Subscribe to Comments isn’t compatible with 2.5 but it doesn’t let you know. What the plugin does is add a row to the $_comments table in the mysql which isn’t interpreted by the edit_comments.php. What I did to fix it was create a new $_comments table and imported the data from the table with the extra row into it (this means you’ll have to duplicate that table, and delete a row to match the row count to allow the data transfer). After the data is transfered the comments show up just fine when edit-comments.php loads in the backend.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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