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  • I recently moved databases and I now have a problem.

    I can view the comments in the front end, I can even click “edit” on one and edit it in the backend. The Comments RSS feed displays all the comments and there are even records in the wp_comments table in my database.

    what I can’t do however, is click on “comments” in the backend and view them.

    When I checked there were 0 records in the DB. So I went back to the old DB (not 2.5) and made a .gz backup, and re-uploaded it to the new database and my comments show up now in posts (where they didn’t before) but they don’t show up in the admin.

    any suggestions? how can i obtain a version of 2.3 to do a db upgrade again with the old .gz file?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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