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    First of all thank you for Tiny Forge, excellent theme.

    Have an issue with the comment section showing up on posts, it doesn’t. Discussion is set in the dashboard but posts submitted to categories don’t. Discussion is also enabled on individual post. Pages do not exhibit this.

    Site is

    Front page has post exhibiting the issue, it’s also in the musings category and Links is a page that allows comments.

    Best regards – William

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  • Theme Author Tomas Mackevicius


    Hi, A-PeeR, nice hobby 😉

    Everything on your site is OK 🙂

    You see, comments are not shown in archive view (category, monthly archives, etc.) – you have to go into page/post itself, to see the comments, eg:

    Now, the problem is that by default full article is listed on archive view. I suggest to list only intro of the post, then “read more” link will be showing up and that’s kind of logical for readers to click and go visit full post. To list just intro, go into editor, place cursor in the text where you would like to cut the post and click on MORE button in the editors tools section. It will insert <!–more–> tag into text. That’s it 😉

    Also another suggestion. If you want to have a menu item just as a container for sub-items (without linking to any actual pages):

    1. Create a link menu item with any link address (you should enter something there, otherwise WP will not let to create the menu item).
    2. When it is already created, edit it by deleting the link address.

    This way you will be able to stack other items under it, but you will not have to create an extra page, sometimes it may be confusing for users too.

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    Theme Author Tomas Mackevicius


    I might create a child theme for photo blog in the future, so you might have a chance to try it 🙂

    Thank you Tomas, yes Macro is a rewarding hobby.

    If I understand you correctly the Front Page, i.e. Home, is an archive of the posts I submit to a given category, correct? Is there a way to change the default archive view to say an active view?

    The read more link works well and makes a quick jump to the article, thanks. Doing things this way is going to make me rethink how I place media content in the post. My idea was to allow text to flow and insert media along the way. If I use the read more option I am going to have to add media much earlier in the post.

    Still very new to WP so please excuse my ignorance, you lost me on the menu suggestion. What I tried to do was think of a menu (category) system based on the posts I plan on writing. My idea is to assign the posts to categories and they would be assigned to the appropriate menu/submenu. Does your suggestion make the menu system automatically so I don’t have to preplan the structure?

    Again sorry for my lack of WP knowledge but I’ve only been at it for a week or so. Reading as much of the documentation as I can find but sometimes a little mentoring is needed.

    Photo blog theme child, that sounds interesting and something I would like to try should you decide to create one.

    Best regards – William

    Theme Author Tomas Mackevicius


    By default index page includes all articles from all categories. But you can change it – in Admin panel > Settings > Reading you can pick a static page for the front (index) page.

    In this case you can pick any page/post. In this case you would see comments.

    About menu – if you’re using categories as menu items, then it makes sense to have parent menu item as category.

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