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  • I could have sworn I was assured that WP 1.2 had comment preview. I just downloaded the newest version, and no comment preview.
    This one thing will probably keep a lot of people from moving to WordPress.

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  • there is a hack/plugin available if u need it…

    Still trying to find out how to add in plugins, but does this provide a Preview button and comment preview page?

    Unfortunately, the link to this plugin is returning page not found errors.

    The link is now working.
    I’m using WP 1.2 and this plugin isn’t working for me. I’ve tried dropping it into the Plugins directory, tried copying it to my-hacks.php, and also tried copying & pasting the code to the individual pages as the instructions say.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Well, it appears to work as a plugin. To get you started, put this above the comment form in wp-comments: <?php commentScript() ?> and this below the form: <?php comments_Div() ?>. Finally, in the textarea tag of the form, put this: onkeyup=”ReloadTextDiv();”

    w00t! Thanks for the help. That did it. Plus my copy of wp-preview.php got hosed by word-wrap in the text-editor i was using.

    ARRGGHHHH… the problem with this solution is that every time we have an update (which I am applying in hopes that other bugs/non-working features are fixed since I have not located a changelog anywhere) the plugins and modification of template text is wiped out. I’ve got preview installed and have had to reinstall it three times in the past month. I’m getting pretty quick at it. 😉

    While editing a file I save the original as “template-whatever” and then before uploading a new version I rename the files in the new download with the prefix. That way nothing is overwritten that I have edited and I still can compare what changes have been made in the most recent “template” (it is not often the index page or comment files are changed anyway).

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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