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    Okay, I’m pulling the hair out of my head here. I’ve probably done a hundred or more wordpress installs and never had this issue.

    I’m running WP 4.3 on a hostgator linux shared hosting plan. Out of sheer frustration I’ve actually removed every single solitary plugin and the theme that’s active is just 2015

    I have comments enabled in Settings->Discussion and in fact it is the ONLY option that’s enabled in that section just to make absolutely certain it isn’t something strange.

    I’ve cleared cache on my machines, I’ve had friends look at it with their computers.

    But still no comments form when I go to a post page and right now there’s only even two posts. It’s driving me insane.

    You can see the site here:

    I’m sure I’m just doing something really stupid that’s causing this. Any help on why the comments aren’t showing up is greatly appreciated.

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  • What’s generating the Facebook Comments text? Is that supposed to be some plugin or service that replaces the default WordPress comment functionality?

    Got too frustrated, slapped up a FB comments plug-in and for now I’m going to go with that. However if anyone can tell me what happened (read: what in the world I’m doing wrong) I’d appreciate it.

    Have you tried to Quick Edit your posts and see if Allow Comments is enabled?

    If you do this, don’t forget to override your browser’s cache with Ctrl-F5 or Command-R for Mac (hope I’m not mistaken).

    Blade, that ended up being it. Allow Comments was turned off on both posts. That now begs the question of why that is?

    The allow comments option in settings->discussion has always been enabled. If that’s supposed to be the global default why is “allow comments” for the post off even on brand new posts?

    Having to post a new comment and then go back into it just to turn that option is going to get real old fast.

    That’s not default WordPress behavior – it could be coming from a plugin or theme (themes often include additional functionality inside the functions.php file). WordPress 4.3, by default, allows comments on default posts but disables comments on pages and custom post types. See

    I’m glad you solved the problem!

    Well, the only explanation I have is that the ‘allow comments on new posts’ doesn’t enable the comment form for old posts, but if you say it was enabled before publishing the new posts…

    It could be some sort of bug caused by WordPress + theme, WordPress + plugin, theme + plugin, or a just a plugin, and so on…

    BEM Design and Blade, thanks for your responses. I did do the install and stuff 6 plugins into the thing before the first post so what I was seeing could definitely be a plugin conflict somewhere.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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